The 4 hour Work Week Review | 5 Things You Can Learn From This Book

The 4 hour Work Week Review | 5 Things You Can Learn From This Book

4 hour work week review I will be discussing the core value of the book and be expressing my thoughts on the book.

In The Beginning

After reading this book about a year ago, at the time I didn’t understand the real value and what message it was telling me at the time.

So grab the book off of my bookshelf and started reading again and what I’ve learned this go around made me realize how much this book has impacted my lifestyle.

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the 4 hour work week review

If you haven’t read the 4 hour work week try to picture your life as simple as possible. Focus on a task that really matters.

Find ways to reach your income goal, and then save the rest of your time doing things you love. like fishing and bragging about the big one you caught.

That’s why I wanted to write this 4 hour work week review. To show that is possible to achieve the things in life and live the lifestyle you want.

4 hour Work Week Techniques

One thing to note is that you don’t have to quit your job to leverage the techniques mention in this book.

You don’t have to be born with a silver spoon in your mouth to take advantage of the techniques Tim talks about in this book.

the 4 hour work week review

It’s a true fact that most people don’t want to be rich they just want to experience the buying power that rich people able to do. Tim calls this the New Rich. ”

One thing I enjoyed about this book that teaches you how to the lifestyle of freedom without being rich and famous.

The 4-Hour Workweek: Escape 9-5, Live Anywhere, and Join the New Rich

Tim totally understand that you won’t be able to duplicate everything he recommends you to do in the book but you can sure apply the principles to your life to get the same results. You become a deal maker.

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What is the 4 hour work week…

The 4 hour work week by Tim Ferriss is a book that caters around individuals wanting to know how to eliminate the clutter in their busy work life.

Even though Tim teaches you some good tips on how to declutter your life and make things simpler.

In this 4 hour work week review, I’m going to talk about the reality of all, whether this book can help change your life or is it just a fantasy world of make-believe.

The Big Rave Reviews

In the recent months, I’ve heard a lot of people raving about Tim Ferriss book and how it has changed lives.

Base on that I wanted to share my opinion about this new book in this 4 hour work week review.

So after hearing so much about his book I had to grab mine off the shelf.

If you haven’t bought The four hour here is your chance to grab your own copy of the 4-hour work week book.

First off the book has some good tips and strategies for eliminating a lot if busy activities in our daily lives.

The book also teaches some good life changes method and I can see why so many people are raving about this book.

Productively & Inspiration

First of all, if you were in your local Barnes and Nobles bookstore and came across the title of the book you probably would buy it based on the attention grabber called The 4 Hour Work Week.

The book talks about the 80/20 rule that if you are a blogger I’m sure you’ve heard of this rule.

One of the main principles of the book is based on your productivity the 80/20 rule.

What that means is 80% of results come from 20% of work.
Learn more about this 80/20 rule by clicking this link here. 

Tim inspires you eliminating 20% of your time so you can start living a much better and simpler lifestyle.

Two things I’ve learned about this book is the evidence standpoint and a physiological standpoint in order to achieve the 4-hour-work week lifestyle.

So from a physiological mindset in the 4 hour work week review, it’s this book worth even buying or is it a complete waste of time. In a nutshell, what is the reality of it all?

Hey, are you still there? if so continue reading the 4 hour work week review to learn more how this book can change your life.

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Why You Should Buy Tim Ferriss Book Anyway

First and foremost Tim Ferriss 4 hour work week book is a great inspiration book that everyone should be reading today.

Although this book has some great tips for improving you’re productively and not only that it helps you tap into your physical mindset that can help you start living life.

In this 4 hour work week review, I wanted to go over some framework of the book structure around the acronyms DEAL, and why you should consider buying the book anyway.

Acronyms Formula Structure

Formula D is for Definition

Tim begin talking about his “New Rich” definition This is a guy who burns 1,000,000 a night. You begin to learn about the differences between the Deferrers and the New Rich.

Here are a few examples, mention

Deferrer person: Work for yourself, work when you want, work to retire early. buy all the things you want to have, be the boss and make tons of money, to have more.

New Rich: Have others do the work for you. minimum workload, mini-retirements, do all the things you want to do, be neither boss or employee but the owner.

Make tons of money with a specific reason, have more quality and less clutter and to think big, but ensure payday comes every day.

One lesson to learn from the first step definition is to eliminate the bad to experience your dreams and explore the world.

Tim goes into much more details explaining about this first step that I haven’t even touch the surface in the 4 hour work week review you are reading.

Formula E is For Elimination

Once you have determined your goals and dream In this section of the 4 hour work week review now it’s time to free time and improve your daily activities without taking a hit in your income.

One of the technique Tim talks about is the 80/20 rule. It’s important, what is 20% activities are causing 80% of your unhappiness. This formula is pretty straightforward when it comes to eliminating your workload.

What this boils down to is time management, we all have busy lives but in order for you to free up some time to enjoy the New Rich Lifestyle, you are going to have to shift your mental mindset.

Formula A is For Automation

One of the key factors I want to mention in the 4 hour work week review is the formula automation. This section really hit home for me simply because I run an online business.

Instead of having tons of things to do in my business Tim talks about outsourcing the workload to someone else.

Tim mention hiring a virtual assistant to take the load off my plate to free up some time. Here a quick video of some best ideas of the book.

What automation is all about is learning how to put your money on autopilot. While this is the case for most people looking to better their finances.

The reality of it all is that you have to be able to convince people to buy from you and help them understand why they need it in their life.

The 4-hour work week give you the knowledge to put your passion on autopilot. If you want to learn how to do it then grab your copy today.

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the 4 hour work week review

The 4-Hour Workweek: Escape 9-5, Live Anywhere, and Join the New Rich

Formula L is For Liberation

In this final section of the 4 hour work week review. Tim explain how to create the freedom. In essence of taking your dreams, productivity and eliminating thing that is holding you back.

Tim talks about quitting your job to create more freedom. But let’s stop you for a minute, don’t go quitting your job base on what this book tells you.

Listen you still have bills to pay don’t quit your job unless you have another one line up that can give you more time freedom.

Tim talks about mini-retirement, he states that people work there whole life 20 and 30 years only to retire and save money for beach house etc.

Why wait? when you can create financial freedom while you young.

The liberation is about living a lifestyle of mini-retirements where you explore the world now instead of later. It’s time to start living your life starting today. Don’t lose sight of your dreams.


Yes, you guessed it I’m a big fan of Tim Ferriss book The four hour work week. Whether you like the book or not, there still some valuable truths inside the pages of this book.

Every day people are rushing to their 9-5 jobs while losing sight of time and dreams. The 4-hour work week will help you eliminate that 20 % that’s 80% making you unhappy.

Others have learned to outline the technique in the book and became successful do it. However, others are having a difficult time achieving it.

When I first read the book there where many things I’ve said that was impossible to do. Yes, I made mistakes trying to accomplish my goals.

Over time I’ve learned to enjoy life and live life to the fullest.

To be honest I probably would have never done anything without the 4-hour work week book. I’ve learned how to put my business on autopilot and start living the New Rich lifestyle.

So I’m hoping the 4 hour work week review has made you see the importance of the book and why you should get this book today.

If somehow you found  the 4 hour work week review useful Please share your thoughts about this review, I love to hear what you think.

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2 thoughts on “The 4 hour Work Week Review | 5 Things You Can Learn From This Book”

  1. Anthony,
    Fantastic review of the 4 hour work week by Tim Ferris. It’s obvious that you are a raving fan as well! I picked up this book in spring of 2017 (actually my wife got it for me) and I read it cover to cover on a volleyball tournament with my daughter. I was completely blown away and walked away inspired. Besides just the overall message of what he had achieved, working 4 hours in a week, I got so many great thoughts and messages from the book. From the 80/20 rule as you mentioned to the minimizing of our lives to not playing by the same rules that most of us always seem to play by. It’s inspirational to say the least.
    Thanks for the great post!
    Mat A.

    • Hi Mat  thanks for your thoughts on this article. Yes I’ve read this book several times. It just a great book for anyone looking for inspiration in moving forward with their goals in life..


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