Affiliate Marketing For Beginners-How To Start a Online Business

Affiliate Marketing For Beginners

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Whether you are starting an online business uk, texas, australia, it important to learn these simple steps to started. If you are brand new to the world of blogging this don’t worry I got you cover. You will discover how to start a online business from scratch and begin affiliate marketing with a website.

Blogging for money  is one of the biggest trend ever on the internet. People are looking for ways to make more money online. The simplest strategy is learning the benefit of using a blog to promote your idea niche. Whatever your reason for looking into starting a business online, in this post today you will learn why starting an online business is a good idea. 

What Will You Learn Today!

In today’s article you will learn where to begin starting a online business and have fun in process. Affiliate marketing is a billion-dollar industry. This guild will help you tap into the world of affiliate marketing. If you are just starting and trying to figure out how all this works. Don’t worry I got you cover in this free blogging for money training guide for beginners.
Disclosure: This page contains affiliate links, meaning we receive a commission if you decide to make a purchase through our links, but this is at no additional cost to you. Please read our disclosure for more info.
Affiliate marketing is one of the best ways to generate passive income from home. If you learn the right way to building your affiliate marketing business you can live a good life. My goal for creating affiliate marketing with a blog is to cover everything you need to know about getting started with your journey.

What is Affiliate Marketing About?

As an affiliate marketer, you earn a commission promoting other people’s products online. Most commission rates range from 15% up to 70% of the actual sale price. The reason why affiliate gets paid the high commission simply because as an affiliate marketer you are basically doing all the hard work and investing the money in advertisements to create those sales.

Once you have figure out the product you want to promote, now its time to started brainstorming how you going to market to your audience. One of the hardest challenges to promoting products is getting people to trust and buy from you.

As an affiliate marketer, you are responsible for drive traffic to a sale page or sound convincing when writing content for your audience.

To build trust with your audience you must sound believable when you are promoting products to them. The more you convince your readers why this product is the best fit for them the more they are likely to purchase the product from you. 

If you are going to make more money you need to presell to your audience. This is a process that takes your readers and getting them ready to buy, then create a call to action strategy that send them to a sales page or the official site such as Amazon.

Before you can start making money with affiliate with a blog, you need to know why preselling is important. 

  • Build Trust with your audience– As mention earlier for you to make sells you need the build with your readers. It is easier to make sales when your customers trust you.
  • Puts the minds of your readers at ease Preselling means they keep of open mind to why you have to say about the product. 
  • Build Loyalty- They will stay loyal to you forever when they trust your opinion. 
  • Creates a readiness to buy– Now that you have gained their trust, they look for messages for you, or they are eager to click on your links 

This is your opportunity to tell your customer why they should buy the product. 

Read more about affiliate marketing and how it works here 

How Does Affiliate Marketing Work Step-By-Step? 

Before you can start generating revenue from affiliate marketing. You must signup with affiliate programs or networks We talk about some of those programs later on in this article.

Affiliate joining a particular program you will get access to marketing tools such as banners, email scripts, and most important your affiliate link to the product sales page. This is the link you are going to use to drive traffic to and it’s a way of tracking how many sales made from that link.

Blogging for money

Some of the best practices are to include this link into a blog post and share that article on social media sites like Facebook groups, emails marketing campaigns

Here example of how I incorporate my affiliate link into my blog post. Welcome to The Secret Masterclass Affiliate Program.

What you will learn from this master class

blogging for money

The link above is an affiliate link. If you click that link and decide to register for the Secret Master Affiliate Program, we may receive a commission for it (after you complete your free trial and pay for your first month)


How To Make Money From A Blog?

How to earn money with blogging? One way we could start to monetize our website here at affiliate marketing with blog is by creating our own products to promote to our readers.

However it takes a lot more time making that happen. Owning your own products is good but it is a high risk for the simple fact you can end up creating products that people are not interested in buying. Continue reading  about blogging for free making money online guide.

Affiliate marketing allows you to promote all different types of products. If you don’t have much success with the one product than choose another product that is trending. The best part about affiliate marketing with a blog is when you find the product that people are interested in buying and start generating a passive income.

There’s going to be some trial and error  in your journey of affiliate marketing . The goal is to learn more about your target audience and how to convince them to buy from you. But the most important is to have fun doing it.

So what can you do to start monetizing your website? For starters you can join some affiliate marketing network companies. Let’s talk about it ..


Best Affiliate Marketing Programs To Join Today 

If you are just starting out you want to know what are some affiliate programs to get started with as an affiliate. One of my favorite Amazon Associate.

You can promote products on your website and earn commission when someone clicks on the link or images to check out the product. Making money online with Amazon is a winner in my book.

In addition to finding more affiliate products. You do a google search by typing in the search bar the name of the niche. Here is a video sample on how to search for affiliate programs.

It’s that simple the “niche + affiliate program” and there lots of affiliate programs to check out the commission payment, how and when they pay, what kind of affiliate tools they have for your marketing and also check out rules of the program. As mentioned you can join as many affiliate programs as long as it is something in your audience interest.

“ Every product has a unique personality and it’s your job to find it.”

 There are other network companies you might want to consider checking out. These are large companies that link you to tons of affiliate marketing programs.

Here are some of the networks listed below.

ShareAsale – Is one of the top affiliate network, however the earning per click are much lower than other networks.

Blogging for money

CJ Affiliate – Is another big network that connects you with thousands of affiliate merchants, such a Office Depot, Lowes, Grammarly etc.

Blogging for money

ClickBank – If you are interested in promoting digital products like eBooks, online courses, educational products and self help products. ClickBank offers a wide range of products that can earn you some good commission payout.

Blogging for money

These networks are good for beginners looking to promote affiliate products through social media, email, or blog post articles.

Click here for my #1 recommendation email provider.

How To Earn Money From Affiliate Marketing

When you are just starting out in affiliate marketing the hard task is making your first sale as an affiliate. In this section of the post, we are going to lay down a map on how to make your first commission sale. Hey $300 might not be big dollars but it sure does feel good depositing in the bank. 

  1. Decide What Product You’re Going Promote- This is an important step to making money online. You must determine what products and id there a need for the product. Once you find the product then the journey begins.
  2. Resource Page- One of the most valuable forgotten marketing strategies for beginners is the resource page. This is so powerful because people love learning about other tools they can use for their online business or marketing strategies. You can provide your readers loads of information that can help them grow their business. Click here for a example “resources”
  3. Write Product Reviews- Product reviews are a great way to get people click on your affiliate links in a post. Did you know that 70% of people read reviews before making a purchase online? Most people will usually buy based on the positive feedback of the product. So product reviews are perfect for making your first commission. In that review you can talk about the pros and cons of the product. This will give your audience in-depth information about the product.
  4. Blog Post- One good strategy for getting people to check out your product or service is by adding affiliate links into your blog post especially product reviews and product comparisons.
  5. Social Media Sites- Social media sites are great marketing strategies to add your affiliate links. Some of the top sites are like Facebook, YouTube, Pinterest, Instagram etc. In most cases you can add your affiliate links in the description. Remember by law you need to include your affiliate disclosure in the description. I like to use Facebook groups or pages to drive more clicks to my product link.. If you what to read more about FTC Guidelines   
  6. Pinterest is one of my favorite sites for posting my affiliate links. The first thing you want to do is sign up for Tailwind This is the best tool if you want to promote automatically on Pinterest. You can create fantastic images that entices your audience to click. Schedule a post using Tailwind
  7. Email List- Having an email list is my top recommendation for making $300 a day in commission. When you have built trust with your audience they will most likely purchase the product you recommended. Don’t have an Email Setup Yet?
  8. Email Broadcast-Whenever you send an email to your list it is a chance to build a relationship with them by telling them more about who you are and why you do what you do. Plus provide them valuable content that can help improve their life situations.
  9. Email Sequence Series- Email sequence is basically like a sales funnel where you are providing your readers information as I mentioned earlier you pre-sell them before the product.You are telling why the product is great and why they need it in their life.  The main goal of an email series is to educate your readers about a particular product or service. Once you have educated them then you can provide them with your affiliate link to direct them to buy. I love using sales funnels to tell my story about a product or service and make sales. Learn how to grow your online business with a series of sales funnels.  Click here to get started
  10. Drive More Traffic To Your Product – Making $300 a day with affiliate marketing with a blog you need traffic and lot’s of it. The goal is getting more eyes on your product to make the sales. One of my favorite places I personally used is called  Udimi. Read my review here 

Traffic is vital to making money online learn more traffic secret here

Keep in mind that we may receive commissions when you click our links and make purchases. However, this does not impact our reviews and comparisons. We try our best to keep things fair and balanced, in order to help you make the best choice for you.

blogging for money

Overall these are some simple steps to making $300 a day, be patient, be determined and have fun learning. 

What is The Best Platform For Blogging?

Let’s face the better option for you to make money online is blogging. If you are new to this then you want the best blogging platform to start your journey with affiliate marketing with a blog. WordPress is by far the best platform on the planet right now. WordPress offers a great user friendly blogging platform and design for your niche. WordPress has a lot of themes that you can choose your website designs. 

Advantage of WordPress platform’s is it’s mobile responsiveness. Most people tend to look things up on the internet with their smartphone. That means people can still see your blog, product or service on their phones. Learn how to build a profitable WordPress blog from scratch I will talk more about at the end of this article…So stay tuned… 

The Benefits of Promoting Affiliate Products

Blogging for money

  1. Creating a Passive Income- Writing valuable content allows you to reap the reward years to come. It’s a lot of work to get to that point of your online business. It  can make life more comfortable once you do get there.
  2. Low Startup Cost- Although affiliate is can be done free, but the greater profit realized on your professionalism in that niche. There can be a small startup cost for the best training and getting started on your journey as an affiliate marketer. It doesn’t take a lot of money to started. That part of the  good benefits of affiliate marketing with a blog.
  3. Residual Commission Paydays- As long as your refer stays active payer in the program. This can be a recurring commission paydays month after month.
  4. Establish Multiple Stream of Income-  Along with Amazon affiliate profits you have the option to search for another stream of income to boost your blog exposure to get more traffic and eyes on multiple affiliate programs.
  5. Build Trust with Your Readers- Your audience is your source of making money online the benefit of affiliate marketing with a blog that it builds trust with readers. People rely on your honesty and it’s much easier to make more sales when people trust your words.
  6. You Don’t Have To Be an Expert in Your Niche- You don’t need to be the expert in your niche, you just need to direct them the expert who are. You can direct your audience to training courses, or websites that teach them how or solve the problem.
  7. Make Money Doing What You Love- Maybe you love painting, woodcarving, sewing, or health fitness coach music teaching etc. You can make money doing what you love. Fif you have a passion for something you can build a business based on your love of things.
  8. Sell Your Own Products- If you already have your own product. You can reap the benefits of making money with your own affiliate blog.
  9. Leverage the power of organic Traffic.- The benefit of promoting affiliate marketing with blog. You can drive tons of traffic by adding keywords terms in your content that drives traffic to your site. let’s face it this is tons of organic traffic through Search Engines.
  10. Proud To Owner- Having a website makes you proud knowing that you created something out of passion. Affiliate marketing with websites helps generate more money while helping others solve problems.
  11. Brand Yourself-Building Your Reputation- People like buying from people they feel about and trust. By promoting affiliate marketing with a website. You can establish your brand with your customers. You learn and understand your customers. You can provide the solution to their problem which brings you more profits and sales.
  12. Supplementary Income– Although most people are still working a full-time job. Affiliate marketing allows you to make money on the side while still working your job. Going full-time with an affiliate marketing it can provide a real source of passive income if done properly. In the meantime a little extra goes a long way.
  13. Flexibility- Affiliate marketing with a blog allows you to choose your own hours of work. You can pick the time to work on your website.

There you have it,  13 benefits of affiliate marketing

Is Affiliate Marketing Worth It ?

Many people would love to work from home in their PJs and sipping a cup of coffee. Living that lavish lifestyle is possible if you know the process of getting started. For many people, it’s a dream come true if they could have a way to start creating financial freedom in their life. Its works because…

  • Affiliate marketing is fun – What better way to make money and have fun doing it at the same time.
  • Ton’s of Affiliate Programs – You can make money with any niche, Cell phone accessories, Travel agent, digital products, Amazon products, Home décor, crafts, Outdoor sports gear etc.
  • Affordable – Blogging is affordable to start, you don’t need a lot of money. 
  • Way To Generate a Passive Income– Product review and valuable content can bring you income month after month. 
  • No Experience RequiredWhether you are expert or beginners you don’t need experience to promote affiliate marketing products. 
  • Work From AnywhereAs long as you have access to the internet you can do this from anywhere. 

Affiliate marketing is the simplest way to generate income online and get better results while promoting  products. Building your affiliate marketing website shows people that you care about them while giving them access to explore products and read product reviews on your site. 

Start caring for your audience first , then provide them with the solution to the problem.

How Much Money Can You Make? 

Blogging for money

This is a question everyone wants to know about blogging for money 

Mind you this are a few affiliate marketer than is making loads of money with affiliate marketing. However, all mention above has put in the work to achieve those types of passive income results. 

Still not convinced, Neil Patel Talks about Affiliate Marketing Made Simple: Step-By-Step Guide.  That sounds totally awesome, right?

Why You Need A Website

Blogging for money

  • Website is the foundation your affiliate marketing business.
  • Build your brand
  • Marketing benefits to new prospects and customers
  • 24/7 money making machine.
  • Customers can access 24 hours a day.
  • Provide valuable information about products.
  • Leverage organic traffic around the world.
  • Build trust and relationships with customers


5 Ways We Can Help You Start Blogging for Money 

  1. Show you how to create affiliate sales
  2. Work in your Spare Time
  3. Learn while you earn
  4. Turn your passion income passive income
  5. Provide you with a step-by-step training course.

 Time Management 

We know it’s hard for most people to stay devoted to building an online business. If time is the essence of growth, then this Free training course allows you to work at your own leisure. Leaving your time to spend with your family and friends. 

You Don’t Have To Keep Looking  Get Rich Quick Programs.

People love buying into these different make money fast opportunities , which by the way doesn’t work at all. You end up giving money away to online marketers that don’t care about your future. We’re not after your money we are after your success. We give you the access to beginners training courses that get real results and access to a community of like-minded entrepreneurs that are waiting to help you succeed with your business venture. 

No More Stressing Over Finances 

We help you eliminate the worrying of achieving success with your business. We help to eliminate the worry over your finances. Our resources and training help you create a better life for you and your family. Our recommended resources will help you grow your online business while providing a long time rewarding passive income. 

 Mental Mindset

We help eliminate the mental pain of thinking you can’t do affiliate marketing with a blog. You can do anything once you have the right mindset and training to help you reach the top. No need to stress yourself out about achieving your dreams. We take you by hand and show you exactly how it’s done. 

Feel Good Learning How To Create Your Own Wealth

It feels good knowing that you achieve something in life. You can now feel comfortable in your own setting and learn how to make money with affiliate marketing. You have the opportunity to show the world that you are compatible with achieving success. You control your own destiny. 

Feel Alive and Much More Healthier 

Once you have discovered our training course you become to feel alive and develop a healthier lifestyle because your way of life is changing. You can start to feel more energize to take on the world. 

People will Start To Envy Your Lifestyle 

I hate to say it,  but you probably lose some friends in the process. Once you begin making money online and your lifestyle changes. People tend to envy your success but your family will love your success. This training can help you achieve success that your friend will hate and family will love.

Grow Your Popularity On Social Media Sites

If you like social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram this training will teach you how to grow your social status. People will begin to listen to what you have to say and most likely buy into whatever you are selling. 

blogging for money


Although affiliate marketing  is a profitable way to making money online I hoping that article has help you decided to move forward with affiliate marketing. Now the decision is your to takeaway and used what what you have read today in this article. I would love to hear your thoughts in the comment section below. Implement what you learned today I can’t wait to hear your success story.
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  19. A great article Anthony

    You have outlined the benefits of affiliate marketing extremely well. Anyone who is remotely interested in making some extra cash from home should look into WA and what they have to offer.

    • Totally agree Andrew, Wealthy affiliate has really change my life, Plus I’m excited doing what I love. I wake up every morning know that I have something in life that I myself has created with the passion that I love doing. That a great feeling . Thanks for your comments.

  20. Hello Anthony! You have a nice website right here. Just wanted to let you know that I really like it. I wanted to let people know that Wealthy Affiliate is the way go if you want to make money online. I can say that I didn’t trust Wealthy Affiliate in the beginning but after I logged in and check it out for myself I could never turn back. It requires work but everything that gives you satisfaction requires work!
    Keep up the good work!

  21. What a great description of WA covering all the things it has to offer. WA University is a one stop platform for all the needs of a beginner online marketer. Good job explaining the features which make WA the best in the business.
    Thanks for sharing

      • It seems that way at first, If you continue to follow the training course, you will began to understand much more clearly, I was the same way when I first join WA, but the more I felt comfortable the easy it got. If you have any question just ask the community we are hear to help anyone move smoothly with wealth affiliate. Just stay focus, stay committed, don’t give up, follow the training course you will find yourself doing something you love everyday. Thank


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