Affiliate Marketing Programs -That Won’t Suck Your Time Away

Affiliate Marketing Programs

Affiliate marketing programs are associated sales channels to where websites or companies pay people for sending traffic to their products. As associates then earn a commission when purchases are made through affiliate links. This article will help you find the best affiliate marketing for beginners. 

The only way to become successful with affiliate marketing is knowing how affiliate marketing works. The good thing is you are about to discover the top affiliate programs for beginners and more. Need more affiliate marketing training?  take a look at my most recommended beginners training courses below.  

affiliate marketing programs

Disclaimers: This blog post contains affiliate links. I may earn a small commission to fund my coffee drinking habit if you use these links to make a purchase. You will not be charged extra, and you’ll keep me supplied in caffeine. It’s a win for everyone, really

Choosing The Best Programs To Make Money Online

If you are looking to make money with affiliate marketing, then you are heading in the right direction. However, you need to know which programs are a good one and which one is going to waste your time away. 

The goal is to not waste time on programs that don’t make you money. Of course there are free affiliate programs no website needed, How you have to be careful of those programs as well. So I put together a list of affiliate programs that might be something to take a closer look. I took hours researching various programs that will help you make the best decision in your journey of affiliate marketing.

Digital Product vs Physical Product

Digital product vs Physical Products 

  • Digital Products: Facebook dynamic ads have been one the top marketing strategies for driving more sales for affiliate products. Digital products require online marketing while physical products are products that are delivered by UPS or Postal services. This is why most online marketers choose Facebook to reach targeted audiences. 
  • Physical Products: Typically products order from Amazon that is delivered directly to the customer through UPS or the Postal Services.

The beauty of the Internet is that you can make money promoting a digital product or physical products.Which ones commission pay the best commissions for affiliate associates? Let me explain below.

affiliate marketing programs

The beauty of the Internet is that you can make money promoting a digital product or physical products.Which ones commission pay the best commissions for affiliate associates? Let me explain below. 

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Let’s take these to programs Amazon & ClickBank both pay some good commissions. ClickBank deals mostly with distal information.

People can get access to this information online which might consist of software, E-books, Music, PDF’S information or online training etc. On the other hand, Amazon deals with the physical aspect in which products are shipped UPS to the customer’s house, etc. Now Amazon does offer some digital products by the way of kindle, eBooks, and online services, however these items would be shipped out to the customers.

Commission Comparison

affiliate marketing programs

Commissions are a little different when it comes down comparing the earning made for promoting. Promoting digital products as ClickBank affiliate commissions can range between 50%-75% in sales. Commissions from Amazon can range between 6%-10% in sales.

  • Digital Products: Higher commissions payout for the simple fact you cut out the middle sort of speaking. Customers are able to instantly download the eBook,or PDF file
  • Physical Products: benefits the product owner who needs to payout his vendors of operation. In that case affiliate associates can earn 10% commission on items sold through their affiliate links.

Another key factor to consider with promoting affiliate marketing programs is the cookie life. ( Note ) Cookie life: time frame you can still earn a commission when someone leaves your site. Longer cookies give you a better opportunity than a short cookie life which means visitors didn’t find anything interesting on your site.

Getting back the comparison now you understand why internet marketer is dead set on promoting ClickBank products. Don’t count Amazon out just yet, you can still make tons of money with Amazon by promoting those high ticket products such as Big screen TVs and Computers, and even furniture.

If you want my opinion it is a matter of preference on which methods you like the most. You can bring home the bacon promoting both

What are the Payout Conditions of Affiliate Blogger Programs

One should consider taking a closer look at the commission payouts as an affiliate marketer. Some affiliate programs pays their associate based on the conditions listed below. Pay on a Monthly Basis.  Some affiliate blogging programs have thresholds on your accounts that require you to meet a certain amount before giving you access to your money. Be mindful that some affiliate marketing programs can charge your account even if you don’t meet the threshold.

Affiliate Marketing Programs Criteria

Most websites or companies will welcome you will open arms, with little requirements. Now let’s take looks at Amazon, to become an associate with them you must have a website, traffic. YouTube channel and have valuable content on your site. There are other affiliate marketing programs besides Amazon that you can join without any requirements.

Affiliate Marketing Programs

Although there are tons of affiliate marketing programs that have special requirements for acceptance for their affiliate programs. I’m only sharing with you some of the highest pays programs right now.

Based on what you have learned this far, you can choose to explore more affiliate marketing programs or you can read more of my top picks… Here a good video to watch on affiliate marketing for blogs.

Best Ecommerce Affiliates Programs

Amazon Associate: One the biggest affiliate programs that offers a ton of products that you can earn nice commission upon each sale. Cookie life 24 hrs, Earn 10% a referral & threshold at $100.

EBay Partner Network: If promoting on an auction based platform is your thing. Then you might consider joining this network. EBay offers a lot of products to promote through their partnership program. Cookie life 24 hrs. $25 threshold before accessing your money.

ShareASale Affiliate Program: This platform offers a lot of products to promote. The one thing that makes ShareASale different from others is the threshold is much higher than most affiliate programs. This can get tough for the beginners who are looking to promote products.

Shopify Affiliate Program Great Potential of earning 200% based on subscription of your new sign up. Cookie life 30 days, $58 per referral.

ClickBank Affiliates Perfect place for beginners to start looking for products. Plus some good commission can be made. 50% -75% payouts. cookie 30 days

ETSY Affiliate Marketing Program: Large community based on customers and great products to promote and make. Cookie life 30 days, Commission payout are based on the sales during that time frame.

CJ Affiliate Program: This program is all about finding various vendors. cookie 400 day

Disclaimers: This blog post contains affiliate links. I may earn a small commission

to fund my coffee drinking habit if you use these links to make a purchase. You

will not be charged extra, and you’ll keep me supplied in caffeine. It’s a win for

everyone, really

I thought this would be a great time to mentioned my challenge, Don’t forget to grab your copy Click the images below.

Online Marketing Affiliate Programs

Fiverr Affiliate Marketing Program: This a digital platform that offers online services for bloggers, business owners. Affiliates can earn $150 for first time buyers. Cookie life 30 days from the first click.

ClickFunnels Affiliates: If you ever wondered what you actually need in place to get your product or service out there? Click teaches you everything. Cookie life-lifetime, 40% recurring, $50 threshold.

Leadpages Affiliate Program: Promoting leadpages you earn 30% monthly commission for life.30 day Cookie life

MyThemeshop Affiliate Program: This is an opportunity for bloggers using WordPress, this helps in converting more people into buyers. You get a share of 35%- 25% recurring commissions.

Email Marketing Affiliate Programs

Aweber Affiliate Program: Offers associates 30% of monthly subscription of customers. Commission checks are mailed, direct deposits wire. Cookie life 365 until the browser is cleared. Learn more one why Aweber is my favorite. Click Here To Read That Article.

GetResponse Affiliate Program: Anyone can join this program. They offer (CPA) pay per sale commission ranges from 30% or $100 per sale. cookie 120 days, threshold $50 payout through PayPal and Bank accounts

Active Campaign Affiliate Program: Unique email service providers offer 30% in commissions every month based on Commission tiers, Silver, Gold and Platinum.

Web Hosting Affiliate Programs

BlueHost Affiliate Program: Joining Bluehost will get you commission earnings of $65 for non hosting referral, Cookie life 45 days, up to $565 per sale.

Liquid Web Affiliate Program: This a web hosting service that is great for starters to cash in on some big profits. Commission payouts incredible $1,500 each sale. 90-day cookie.

Hostgater Affiliate Marketing Program: Great commission earned similar to Bluehost. Cookie life 60 days, $65-$125 per signing up

Educational Affiliate Programs

Wealthy Affiliate Program: Earn while you learn how to turn your passion into profitable online business., $100 commission per premium sign up. Lifetime Cooke Life.

Affilorama Affiliate Marketing Program: Offer 50%-75% commission on every sale received. This is a very good program worth checking out. 24 hr cookie.

Affiliate Programs Travel 

Booking.com Affiliate Program: This is one of the best affiliate programs for travel right now, for bloggers who have a travel agency website. $100 commission payout through PayPal. Cookie life unknown…

TripAdvisor Affiliate Program: Great affiliate programs for outsourcing through your blog content. Commission payout 50% monthly.

Agoda Affiliate Program: This program is for anyone to join and start earning commission, 60% payouts with minimum payout $200 wire to your bank account.

Cruise Direct Affiliate Program Idea program for cruise & traveling 3% commission of gross sale. 45 day cookie life.

Sandal Affiliate Program: Cool little affiliate programs that earns commission for referring people to book a stay at one of the Sandals resorts. 4% commission, 60 day cookie life.

Skyscanner Affiliate Program Promote discounts and bargains for travelers. Commission pays 50% on all referrals for flights, car rentals, and hotels.

As you can see there are tons and tons of affiliate programs for all types of niches. The list can go even further than what’s mentioned in my top recommendations of affiliate marketing programs.

  • Dating Affiliate programs
  • Watches Affiliate programs
  • Music iTunes Affiliate programs etc.

I know it’s a lot to think about and your brain is probably overloaded with information right now. Maybe you can take your mind off it a bit by grabbing this free book below.

OK we both needed that little break. Let’s continue finding you some affiliate marketing programs.


The Best Affiliate Marketing Programs For Beginner’s To Join?

Now that you have had a journey of reading my most top affiliate marketing programs. This can be quite difficult to handle when you are just starting. So I put together lists of affiliate marketing programs for beginners to join today.

  1. Wealthy Affiliate Program: This is my top favorite place for beginners to start learning about affiliate marketing and promote Wealthy affiliate on the side and earn some commissions along the way.
  2. Amazon Associate Program:This is a good place to start for beginners to start promoting products on your website.
  3. ClickBank Program:  This is an easy setup and lots of products. Plus you can start promoting digital products right away.
  4. ShareASale Affiliate Program: It is pretty easy for beginners to get started in promoting products.
  5. PeerFly Affiliate Program: CPA networks are a little tricky to get approved but don’t let that scare from joining.
  6. MaxBounty Affiliate Program This is another powerful CPA network that beginners can start promoting products.
  7. CJ Affiliate Program:  Offer a wide range of products for beginners to start promoting.
  8. Ebay Partners Program  Billions of product on hand and for beginners to start getting in on the action through auction.
  9. Rakuten Marketing: Japanese eCommerce affiliate program offering tons of products in their network.
  10. Clickfunnel Affiliate Program: This is one amazing affiliate program that offers  big commission on every sale. Beginners will have a lot of fun with this program and might even win a dream car just by referring others.

Disclaimers: This blog post contains affiliate links. I may earn a small commission

to fund my coffee drinking habit if you use these links to make a purchase. You

will not be charged extra, and you’ll keep me supplied in caffeine. It’s a win for

everyone, really

How To Choose an Affiliate Marketing Program?

Now we have come to the hardest part of your journey in finding programs. I’ve provided some of my top recommendations for the best affiliate programs to join. It’s your turn to choose the right one for you.

affiliate marketing programs

Here’s my take on that question. If you already have a website /blog my best choice would go with Amazon. You can incorporate product images within your blog post. When people click in the image it will take them directly to Amazon to purchase the product.

Another good way of choosing an affiliate program, If you have an email list then I would choose eCommerce affiliate programs like Shopify, Fiverr, Clickfunnels, or even travel affiliate programs. all these are good programs to start choosing.

Choosing the right affiliate marketing program doesn’t have to be hard it all up to you to figure what type of program that interests you.


There you have that my list of an affiliate marketing program for experts and beginners this 2020. I mention a few of my best recommendations. However, this is just the tip of the iceberg of affiliate programs out there that you can join.

What you have just read in today’s article is the top best program to start making some commissions. Your success relies on you finding the best products and programs that going to bring tons of traffic to your
website and more sales under your belt.

It doesn’t matter if you are an expert or a beginner. What matters the most is getting started. There are no limits to have many programs you can join. The purpose of the article is to help you choose the right program that is not going to waste your time one you join.

I would love to hear your past or present experience with any of the affiliate programs mentioned above. Please comment below to share your thoughts.




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  1. Very good article about affiliate marketing, especially for beginners and for those who want to discover the best programs offered by the market. Indeed, you shared a good list of programs and I want to read what are the most forgotten programs according to you! I bookmarked it because it is very interesting to read your words and I hope we will be able to collaborate in the future! Very good job!

    • Hey thanks Rosalia I’m glad you enjoyed the article, Keep me posted on your progress I love to hear some updates 

  2. Well, you have here some very good affiliate marketing programs that are really worth the try and I think that it would be really good that I gave it a try too because it would honestly hl me too to be able to start making my own money online. I just started my internet marketing journey but I don’t think that it’s too late to start making something.

    • Hey Jay thanks for commenting it’s never to late to start programs that can will benefit you in end. Just take your time building your business first my friend  

  3. So the topic is straight forward and to the point. Affiliate marketing programs that wont suck your time away. As there are so many to choose from it`s refreshing to see this site with the best ones on offer. I really like the layout and the content on offer.

    There is a clear layout of text, images and also hyper links to some great value offers such as landing pages. Landing pages is a great tool for any would be internet marketer as it helps to save time and effort in building landing pages. So you can focus your time elsewhere learning and earning.

    It`s great to see a commission comparison section as this helps to give a clear picture of what is on offer from each affiliate program. With payments such as 50 – 75% from ClickBank in the higher end you have the real opportunity to earn some extra cash. Also there is the lower commissions shown to be offered form Amazon which if you are new and unsure a 10% sales commission can soon add up as you perfect your skill in affiliate marketing.

    There is good informative advice on payout time scales as well as topics such as the programs criteria to join. Again as you click on the image you are taken to a lead pages 14 day free offer. A great tool to get you on the road to earning.

    There is a good use of video content from YouTube explaining about the best Affiliate programs for bloggers which is a real golden nugget of information.

    When you have a training platform such as the Click Funnels then you can see Russell Brunson a famous affiliate marketer teach you. Now that`s real value for sure.

    Everything you need from hosting and educational programmes is included on this site and best of all all this information is free to use. I have seen sites that charge hundreds of dollars just to get you started. 

    In my opinion this is a must have site for any newbie or even the more seasoned veteran as there is some great value on this site. I certainly would recommend it to others as a first stage stepping point into this industry.

    Keep up the great work and thanks for sharing this with the world.

  4. Many thanks to you for sharing with us a beautiful and informative article. The main content of this article is the affiliate marketing programs. If you want to do affiliate marketing, you must have a good idea about its programs. The success of affiliate marketing depends a lot on affiliate marketing with the right product. That’s why I, as a new affiliate marketer, take a variety of lessons from the Wealthy Affiliate platform and affiliate that platform. So I would say those who are brand new can affiliate with the Wealthy Affiliate Platform that will help you realize your dreams.

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