How To Earn Money With Amazon Affiliate Program-Side Hustle Tips

How To Earn Money With Amazon Affiliate Program

Many people are searching for way to make extra money to pay bills, college tuition, buy new car or home. Amazon Affiliate Program has path the way to earn extra money from anywhere in the world.

The first step in this process is getting a blog setup to promote your amazon products. If you new to the blogging world and you don’t have any idea on how to start a new blog.

Wealthy Affiliate can teach you how to setup a brand new blog. Plus they teach you step-by-step on how to get your blog ranked in the search engines. Join Wealthy Affiliate Today.

The next step is sign up for the Amazon Affiliate program. Before you sign up for there program make sure you have your blog set in place. Amazon will not approve you unless you blog in current index in the search engines. Lets say you have everything in place about your blog.

Amazon Affiliate Program

Then fill out the information for the Amazon Affiliate program. Wait for a email confirmation from amazon stating your associated account has been approved. Then you are ready to rock.

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Now that you have everything ready to start earning money. Start monetizing your blog with good content included your amazon affiliate link to your blog post.

When someone clicks on your links and make a buy you will earn commission.

Finding Keyword Products to Make Money

The best time to make money with Amazon is around the holidays, Christmas, Black Friday Sales. This is when customers go on crazy buying items for gifts during the months of October, November, December.

This is a great time to start creating your blog post for this upcoming year end sales.

Finding The Right Niche

Selecting a niche is critical when it comes to make money with amazon. Finding a niche to promote your product is most important. The easiest way to choose a product then write a 400-500 blog post on that particular product.

Most of time people are looking for answer before they buy the product. That where your product review has a big part of there decision making.

The goal is to them to land on your website to buy the product. That why it’s important that you use the best keyword tool to make sure you are targeting the right keyword.

One of my favorite keyword tool I use everyday is Jaaxy keyword tool.Check it out here and Join Today and get 30 free searches. 

Clickable Images

When you create a new blog post you want your images clickable. 20% of my amazon sales has come from customers clicking on the image. Amazon has HTML code to use for your blog post to create clickable image.

 Product Review Works The Best.

People visits Amazon to looking to buy a product. But in most cases they will search the internet for a product review on that product.

Creating a good product review for that product in your niche is more likely to make you more sales. But your article must be convincing and answer the question the customers needs. In your review you want to point out the good and bad of the product.

Also included links of all your product you mention in your blog review. If you provide good quality product review. Reader will most likely bookmark your website for future referenced. Plus something spreading word of mouth about your website. Creating long lasting customers.

What is the Amazon Best Seller List?

Using Amazon Best Seller List is a great way to find those high end product that people are buying of the shelf. It’s also a great way to write a product review on that product in your niche.

Build Trust in Your Readers

Everything that you have read so far, I hope it has given you some valuable tips on how to make money with Amazon Affiliate Program. Building trust in your reader is the key to making your business flourish. Don’t sell people hype.

Your reader should come first in everything blog post your create. Be honest to with your information.

Blogger makes many mistake by lying to customers or readers. Give people false expectation only leads to failing in this business. I rather give my readers the truth about a product.

My goal is to build trust and loyalty with my readers. Having a good reputation lead to successful online business. So don’t mislead your readers. Building trust will go a long way as a affiliate associate.


The success of your Amazon Affiliate Program realize on the best product you decide to promote. When you have choosing that best keywords for your product review will create better conversion and more commission.


I hope you have enjoyed reading this artice on how to earn money with amazon. If you follow the simple tips mention in this post you can start earning a good living with Amazon.

If you have any questions.Please contact me and I woul love to hear how thing are going with you …. I hope you have already join my top recommendation training course for beginners, however just you haven’t decided yet here that information again listed below

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3 thoughts on “How To Earn Money With Amazon Affiliate Program-Side Hustle Tips”

  1. Thanks for the guide!
    I’ve recently signed up for Amazon Associates and found this quite helpful.
    I agree with how helpful Jaaxy is! Amazing tool!
    It would be cool if you added some idea of how much you can earn from this, how much have you made from it yourself?

    • Thanks James for commenting, It really matter on what type of product you decide to use to promote , I promote on my website book, and kindle, I make a little profit from my online books, Now I’m thinking of promoting some of high end product that have a better commission payout. My suggestion is look for those top best seller item for bigger payouts. Thanks

  2. Thank you for this valuable information. How much content should I have before I sign up for Amazon Affiliate program? My website is relatively new; but I do have some content.


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