9 Best Places To Promote Affiliate Links | Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing

9 Best Places To Promote Affiliate Links | Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing

Finding the best places to promote affiliate links is not as easy as you may think. If you are a blogger them most likely you deal with affiliate links on your blog. In this article, you will find the best places to promote affiliate links.

Finding the best places to promote your affiliate links is going to take some hustling and hard work in order to get better results. My step by step affiliate marketing for beginners course is about creating strategies the will make you money online. Note: If you are completely new to affiliate marketing the main purpose of this article will answer all of your questions.

 best places to promote affiliate links

What Are Affiliate Links

Anytime you sign up for an affiliate program, most likely you will be given a personal affiliate link for promoting the product. This unique link is created just for you so you can share this link with your audience and the main purpose to track your sales

You will be using your affiliate link when you mention products or service in your blog post, email marketing or social media circle.

If someone purchases the product or service through your affiliate link…Dude!…you just made a commission sale!…

Let’s discuss some best places to promote affiliate links.

Blog Post Article

One of the best places to promote affiliate links is in a blog post. This is one of my favorite ways to generate more conversion. A blog post gives you the opportunity to talks about your product or service in debt.

This also creates great sharing experiences with your readers. It helps to build a solid relationship with your readers. Blog post simply tells your visitors that your website is not about making money but to give them the solution to their problem.

There are many ways to add your affiliate links.

Product Reviews:

Instead of blasting your affiliate link all over the internet consider writing product reviews to tell the reader some of the value. Product reviews give your visitors exactly what they are looking for for the product or service

Cloak Your Affiliate Links:

Use a plugin called Pretty Links. This will hide your affiliate link with something more pretty.

Go Ahead and Download Pretty links plugin here

Images and Banners

Whenever you are talking about your product or services, you also want to link your images with your affiliate links. If you are associated with Amazon, ShareASale they provide you with images to use to promote the product.

This will make your images clickable when someone clicks the images in your post. You can also add your affiliate links to your banners as well.

Most affiliate programs provide banner with your affiliate links embedded, but if you want to make your own banners Canva will be the place to create great looking banners.

Email Marketing List

If you are currently building an email list or already have an established email list. This is one best places to promote your affiliate links. Adding affiliate link within your newsletters or broadcast message is a great way to increase more conversions.

By adding your affiliate links to your emails will allow you the opportunity to explain the product in detail and giving them the link the check out the product or service.

In my own experiences with this method, I noticed my conversion has increased much higher than blog post link.

If you don’t know anything about email marketing or you want to know which email service provider is the best. I’ve included some blog post to help you choose the best one for your needs.

Here are my two recommended email service providers

Email marketing is the best places to promote your affiliate links. An email subscriber is most likely to be in buying mode than someone who just stumbling on your blog post.

Your reader will get important information just by reading your email and get access to the product through the affiliate link you have provided for them in the email.

Affiliate marketing and email marketing are two much have in order to become successful. So it’s important to work on building your email list.

Giveaways Freebies

Giveaways are one of the best places to promote affiliate links. I’m talking about free stuff the downloads, eBooks, training course, tutorial etc.

These are great resources to promote your affiliate links. You can add a cover photo that is related to your product or service and direct them you the offer with your affiliate links.


Tools and resource library is one of the best places to promote affiliate links. A resource library is a page the displays all of your top recommendation of product and services that can help them solve a problem.

best places to promote affiliate links

For instance, if you blog about how to grow your business online then your resource library might include something like web hosting, email marketing providers, things of that nature.

Thank You Page

This is one of my favorite.

Thank page is one of the best places to promote affiliate links. With Clickfunnels I am able to redirect my email subscribers to a thank you page.

You can receive a 6 outstanding funnel secrets you can use right nowClicking this link now

Thank you page is my top best places to promote your affiliate link hands down.

Social Media

Promote affiliate links Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, using images that you create on Canva. Make sure you keep up to date with social media rules and regulations. Create Pinboard, or Facebook groups and pages and also disclosed you are using affiliate links.

I have recently been having better results by creating a Facebook page.


Affiliate marketing is a great way to make money for online bloggers. Knowing the best places to promote affiliate links makes a huge difference in getting more conversion and sales.

This is a tough business, to begin with for starters, but don’t get discouraged in the beginning. Learning is key to creating a much better game plan and gather new technique in the process.

If first you don’t succeed then try again using new strategies to promote your affiliate links this is the best way to learn more about your audience and what interests them to most.

If you feel you need a better road map on affiliate marketing I would consider joining Wealthy Affiliate For Free.

This will ensure you get the best training and learn more affiliate marketing strategies that will grow your blog and generate more monthly commissions.

Another good resource is Affilorama this training has loads of teaching about affiliate marketing and more.

So if you are just starting and you are brand new to affiliate marketing then Wealthy Affiliate is my top course for you.

Well there you have it, I hope you have enjoyed and found this article to be helpful.

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And I would love to see you comment once you implement the helpful tips. Please leave your comment below…

Good day

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  1. What a great, well laid out website…
    Very good information, flows nicely…
    I would recommend this site to anyone looking for great insight to affiliate marketing.
    If you are looking to get in to affiliate marketing you should really look through this site and take the information to heart.

    • Hey Wayne thanks for commenting. I’m glad you have enjoyed this post I hope to continue being more value to individuals looking to grow the business online.

  2. While browsing your list, I was hoping you will mention sites like IBO Tool Box and the like. But then, you did not mention anything about the site, and that’s great. I am currently a member of that site, a premium member who is paying them money on a monthly basis just to have credits I can use for banner advertising. The result is very disappointing. I am glad that unlike others who are giving away ideas like yours, you have not included IBO Tool Box. Thanks for that.

    • Yes GomerĀ  I’m to a member of IBO I wrote this particular article to simplified ways to promote affiliate that actually get you results. Plus you have to remember that IBO they is a place where member are promoting there own opportunity. So it’s much much harder to get the conversion you are looking for on IBO platform.


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