Free Keywords Tool | Jaaxy Learn Why Bloggers Are Addicted

Free Keywords Tool | Jaaxy Learn Why Bloggers Are Addicted

Free keywords Tool is vital to getting your website rank in search engines. In this review you will discover best keyword research tool that you can you use to push ahead of your competition.

In this review, you’ll learn all about Jaaxy keyword research tool and why it’s the #1 best SEO keyword research tools.

When it comes to researching keyword for your blog or website you need the best keyword word tool that will allow you created good content for your pages and post.

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Jaaxy Keyword Research Tool


What Is The Best Free Keywords Tool For SEO?

One of the hardest task to do in blogging is finding the best target traffic for your content. This is one of the main reason many online marketer and bloggers fail in their business is traffic. In the Jaaxy keyword tool review, you will learn more about how to find the best keyword that will get more eyes on your work.

When it comes to blogging One needs that targeted traffic to make more sales. Get traffic whether it’s from advertising or organic traffic is important to find the best keywords phase that your audience is searching for in Google.

Jaaxy gains the data from search engines like Google and Bing and breaks down the best possible keywords that match your content. This gives you a huge advantage in getting on the first page of Google based on the keyword phrase.

Free Keywords Tool -How Does Jaaxy Works?

Jaaxy keyword tool gives you the data in pertaining to the terms listed below

1. Monthly Searches: This tells you the number of traffic you can receive using this keyword/phrase.

2. KQI meaning (Keyword Quality Index) This will show you the quality of the keyword. The goal is to write what people are searching for in Google.

3. QSR meaning (Quoted Search Results) This is real-time data of your competition pages you are ranking against. The goal is to look for keywords with a QSR less than 100 is the best method.

4. SEO Power: This will show you keyword that will be the best one SEO ranking. The key is not to pick a keyword that doesn’t make any sense all. If it doesn’t sound right to you don’t write about it.

Based on my own personal experience with Jaaxy, I’ve put together some valuable detail information in this review that will show you exactly how this jaaxy keyword work and how you can benefit using this free keywords tool, to help you get more traffic to your website, plus get better ranking in google.

jaaxy keyword research tool

Product Name: Jaaxy Seo keyword research tools
Website: www.jaaxy.com
Price: 30 keyword searches free trial/$19 monthly/$49 for Pro
Owner: Kyle and Carson of Wealthy Affiliate.
Page Rank: 3/10

Product Overview:

Jaaxy is the most advanced free keywords tool available on the internet. It perfect for marketers who looking for the best keywords to find a niche or writing blog post to their website. It true there are many keyword tool out there that you can use, But Jaaxy just makes every keyword search so simple, by finding the right keyword for your search.


Based on my own experience with Jaaxy Keyword tool, I simply love the fact the you can cut amount of time you spend searching for new keywords in a particular niche.
Using QSR function that you can start writing post based on the QSR. Plus, you can have saved as many keywords to a particular niche.


The only thing that I found about Jaaxy is that once your free 30 searches are use up, you have to upgrade to $19 per month to continue using Jaaxy. If you want the best keyword research tool on the market. That a no brainier”

Free Keywords Tool – Who is Jaaxy for:

Jaaxy is perfect for anyone wanting to find good keywords based on internet marketing. If you are a Network Marketer, or Blogger or have a website the you are selling product. This tool is very valuable to your marketing strategies to help find the perfect score, that will bring more visitors to your website or blog.

Does Jaaxy Have Training/Tools:

I haven’t seen any training on the actual website, that teaches how to use Jaaxy. However, I have included in the review a training video tutorial that will take you through the process of learning how to use Jaxxy free keywords tool. This video tutorial is taught by the Owner Kyle Himself ‘

Watch the Video Below.

jaaxy keyword research tool

What about Support:

Jaaxy do have a support system in place on the actual website. You can find this by scrolling to the bottom of the page for all contact links provided. If I have a serious question that I need answer fast. I contact Kyle at wealthy affiliate.

jaaxy keyword research tool

My Final Honest Review

What is best keyword research tool it here that you will find my final honest review below.

What you need to know and why Jaaxy is the best free keywords tool. It simply displays all of the website competition using the search terms of the page or niche term. Jaaxy provides SEO (search engine optimization) that is very help to getting the best score to determine if that keyword has a good score to google, also it help generate more traffic to your website.

Something I found very helpful with Jaaxy is that it gives me the option to save all of my keyword into a list, to reflect back on creating content base on your list.

Jaaxy will never let me down when I’m are searching for keyword and QSR for writing my blog post based on my keyword list. It helps me seek out the low competition in my niche, to help my website ranking in search engines.

What You Need to Know and Why?

Marketers have a gold mine in their hands that out stands all of the other keyword tools, Marketer never had an opportunity tool that is so vital to their marketing strategies until now. Jaaxy keyword research tool gives marketer the advantage over all competition in their niche.

There are thousands of other internet marketers are seeking for the best keyword tool for their business. What make you better than them “Jaaxy That’s Why? “Jaaxy has taken your business to a hold another level in marketing and boosting your traffic. What is best keyword research tool ” Jaaxy” and if you never try it you are missing out.

Start Your Free 30 Search Free Trial Today”

The Verdict:

jaaxy keyword research tool


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8 thoughts on “Free Keywords Tool | Jaaxy Learn Why Bloggers Are Addicted”

    • Thanks Arm dass for commenting, I glad you found this article very interesting, I hop it help you in your business journey, Jaaxy is far the best keyword tool ever.

  1. Very nice review on Jaaxy keyword tool, I have used it in the past until my 30 searches were used up. I was impressed but decided to use another free keyword tool for now, my budget is low right now and even the low cost of 19.00 per month is more than I wish to invest right now.

    • Totally understand everyone have different circumstances, It might not be the right time now. I hope you keep jaaxy in mind in future. Thank for commenting my friend.

  2. Hi there!
    Jaaxy is indeed one of the best keyword tools out there, I use it on a daily basis. It’s a must have necessity if one hopes to attain the right keywords for the website to ensure high rankings! It even offers lots and lots of other very good phrases and keyword sentences.

    • Thanks Sarah for commenting, I agree with you if you are blogger or writer finding those keyword the will ensure high ranking would help your build your business plus the possibility of making a sales.

  3. Indeed a great post about keyword research tools.

    Keyword research is the best way to find the right opportunity to work on and earn some decent amount of income.

    It is true that without targetting the right keyword, We can’t achieve success because we don’t know that which keyword has great potential so to know this, keyword research comes into action.

    I am using Google Keyword Planner and Long Tail Pro for my keyword research work. Thanks for sharing such a nice list of keyword research tools. 😀

    • Hey John Thank for commenting, I’m a blogger and it’s know way I can write good content without knowing the best keyword to use for my blog post.


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