How To Create a Website For Free-7 Steps To Setting Your Ass Free From Working

How To Create a Website For Free -Beginners Guide

How To Create a Website For Free, first involves creating a platform that you can sell products. A website is necessity for home business seekers, bloggers, entrepreneurs, anyone.


how to create a website for free

If you are going to profit from your products then you need to learn how to make a website for your business.

It doesn’t matter if you are an expert, newbie, or college student, you can learn how to make a website. A website serves a purpose when you want to get your name out there on the internet.

The main focus of How to make a website for your business should show your experience and expertise. This also makes you look like a professional when you can insert your website on your business cards.

What’s Your Main Purpose?

Learning How To Create a Website For Free begins with a vision and a purpose. Many people fail in building a successful website because they don’t know the purpose of it.

Deciding how could a website work for you,

  1. What benefit will you have?
  2. What type of website is this going to be?
  3. Are you going to provide relevant content?
  4. Are you going to offer just products?
  5. What type of product or service are going offer?

Building a successful website is knowing what your goals for your website. In my case my blog is about helping others, so my plan is to provide helpful information to my viewers. Know the plan for your website is the key to learning how to make a website for your business.

Choosing a Website Platform for your business

Weebly: This platform, although they have some beautiful website designs. You can start off with a Free account to create a website. Just reminder prices can range up to $25 a month. This is fun and easy to add pages to your website. Setup progress is easy by sliding and adding text. Great site.

Wix: This platform is a good, offers real professional looking designs for your websites. You can build a free website with them. Both of these platforms come with a Free template for starters. Just reminder subscription ranges up $25.oo a month.

WordPress: This is the best of the best, WordPress has been around for a long time. Offer website themes to build beautiful websites. This platform is used by most entrepreneurs, bloggers. With WordPress you can link your website to a host provider like Bluehost, Hostgator.

Wealthy Affiliate: This platform is one of the best I’ve seen in a long time. If you want to learn how to build a beautiful website then this one is for you. Online training for anyone wanting to take their learning experience to a higher level.

You can’t build a house without a foundation same goes with a website you need a good platform to get started.

Wealthy affiliate provides that with SiteRubix website building platform. You can create a Free SiteRubix WordPress blog. If you are serious about learning how to make a website for your business. I recommend getting started with wealthy affiliate.

Start Your Free Training Today 

Where To buy a domain name for your business

Choosing the right domain name for your business is the key to getting your website rank in Google. One way to do this using the right keyword for your business.

One of my favorite tools to use when I’m searching for the right keyword for my business is Jaaxy. This is far the best keyword tool ever.

Read the full story review here: Jaaxy keyword review

Now that you have chosen the right keyword for your business, now it’s time to buy a domain name for your business. Where can you buy a domain name? There are many places to buy domain names

how to create a website for free

how to create a website for free

Godaddy.com, Namecheap,

I have found the wealth affiliate offer a better price for buying a domain names.

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Now that you have bought your domain name, it’s time to find the best web hosting provider for your business. Just because you bought your name it doesn’t end there you need a place to host your website.

Choosing Web Hosting Provider

Knowing the right hosting provider is crucial to your business. Selecting the wrong web hosting can affect your search engine ranking. Figure out which one is the best for your business can be a bit tricky. You don’t want to waste your money on hosting that don’t work..

how to create a website for free

You don’t want to spend countless hours creating content and your website is annoying. Speed has a big part in this success of your business. You want your website to load fast, if your pages are loading fast this decreases the bounce rate on your site.

It also helps to make more sell and the conversion of your products. If the web hosting has a lot of problems with loading feature stay away from those hosting sites.

Test your website from time to time. Check your site speed.

You might be wondering why you need a web hosting provider?

If you are going to be doing any selling, blogging or offering services to people, then you going to need web hosting. To get your website seen on the internet, you need web hosting.

Web hosting providers make sure that your business gets seen by everyone on the internet. A web hosting company takes away the headache of maintenance service, repairs and tech updated.

Web hosting can be expensive, by doing some research, you can find one at an affordable price. You can visit my #1 recommendation at an affordable price here.

Selecting a Theme For Your Website

When you first begin  Learning how to create a website for free, selecting a theme can be overwhelming. WordPress has hundreds of themes to choose from. When selecting a theme look for something that’s going to fit your needs. Look at the layout of the theme will your visitors have trouble navigating through your website.

how to create a website for free

Look for responsive themes that are compatible with mobile devices.

Look for themes that related to your niche, product or services. For instance, if your niche is cooking look for themes related to cooking. You want themes that showcase your talents.

Look for themes that has supported plugin. The Plugin is a necessity if you are using a WordPress theme. As you continue to build your website you are going to use plugin.

There are Free themes and there are WordPress themes you can buy. You can buy themes ranging from $25 up to $65 dollars. Most beginners just stick with the free themes.

Organizing Your Website Content

This just a simple solution for getting everything in order the way you want it. Thing like where your logo is going to be placed? How is your website is going to look? What kind of content will you be writing?

how to create a website for free

Organizing where to place your menu to get the views. It is important to think about your menu placement to make it easy for your visitors.

Write Your Own Content

Writing content is the most challenge when it comes learn How to make a website for your business Your content should be valuable information for your visitors.

how to create a website for free

Your content tells a story about what your business is all about. It’s your voice branding your product or services. Your main goal is to attract visitors to your website. Writing your own content show you authoritative in your niche.

This is important to how your visitor will see you and spread the word about your website.

When you write your own content and create value to your visitor, they will respond to your offer. Whenever I’m writing content I place myself in my readers’ eyes.

I want my readers to gain valuable knowledge from my blog.

My goal when writing content is to solve their problem, give them exactly what they are looking for. I want to help them achieve their goals.

Writing your own content is the only way to develop leadership in the niche. When you do this you will appreciate any feedback and comments from your visitors.

Congratulation! You now ready to build your own website for your business

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2 thoughts on “How To Create a Website For Free-7 Steps To Setting Your Ass Free From Working”

  1. Well written article on one of the fundamental things in building an online business, building a website.
    It is true that today building websites has become really easy, especially compared to how it use to be.
    I agree with you when you say wordpress is the best of the best. WordPress has come to dominate the internet.
    I would say that when starting out, it is better to choose a simple and easy to use theme and then concentrate on creating good content.

    • Absolutely JoJo, Start with the basic first and then when you have learn everything you need to know, then advance to other paying theme. Your main goal should be about content and what do you tend to offer your visitors.Thanks for visiting


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