How To Create Passive Income With No Money-Create a Plan

How To Create Passive Income With No Money-Create a Plan

How to create passive income with no money is going to take some planning on your part. Without a plan is going to get tough to make money.

If you find yourself not having the time, or don’t where to start on your journey to make a passive income. Whatever has stop you in the past. I wrote this article to help you figure out a plan in developing how to create passive income with no money. Of course, there are thousand of courses that can teach you how to earn a passive income.

The problem with that is time, getting started and finding out what works. My goal is to guide you on the right path to success.

Let’s get started..

What is a Passive Income?

The most important before creating a plan is learning what is a passive income in the first place. Passive income is letting your money do the work for you. It’s earning money without being involved or little or effort.

How to create passive income with no money

It’s investing is a business opportunity where you reap the benefits with less work. You can achieve it by doing recommended sources mention in this article.

There are two main sources and they are investing your money or investing your time to earn money. Without one of the two it’s impossible to earn residual income.

Now that you have a little understanding about passive income and how it works. Let’s continue…

Why Passive Income is Important?

Time is the greatest achievement asset that most people who love to have in life. Passion income open many doors to freedom of time.

Less shackles with everyday struggle to meet you monthly financial goals. With each passive income create residual income goes beyond your monthly expenses. This allow you to achieve financial freedom.

This is the good life when you’re not involved in work , but have the freedom to do whatever you want in life. You have the freedom to do whatever you want with your time.

This is why passive income is important to many people.Whether you’re looking to earn money for college, or looking for major change in your life.

These are awesome reason to start creating a game plan for earning passive income.

What’s Game Plan?

Developing game plan on how to create passive income with no money is going to take some hard work. Besides this may not be a good fit you. Building a online business design to generate passive income take dedication.

In fact I found myself, losing thousands of dollars in bad business decision over the years. Like most people I was doing everything that promise to make me loads of money with little effort and time.

Now I’m much wiser in figure out what’s a good legitimate business versus the one that are a total scam. Take a look at one of my legit passive income I enjoy doing everyday Wealthy Affiliate.

After several years of losing countless money, I decided to put together a game plan. I wanted to focus more on a honest opportunity that was going to give me the freedom I needed.

I discover online businesses and income opportunities that was on the line of my dream and goals. I needed a system that could do the work from, I needed a system that was duplicate.

This would be something that anyone could follow in my footsteps.

How to come up with a game plan for passive income? Here’s some tips on how to create passive income with no money. But first take a look at one opportunity that going to teach you everything on how to get started,

Ways To Make Passive Income

Start blogging: is one source for creating passive income. This is the idea money makers for most bloggers by adding links into the content plus grow your email list.

That blog post you’ve creating can bring you passive income for years to come with your list.

Create a YouTube Channel: This is a powerful way to generate passive income without money. When you upload videos they can continue generate income 5 years from now.

If your video goes viral that’s more income in the bank.

Affiliate Marketing: This can fall in the same path of blogging you can market your affiliate on a blog. This can generate passive income with sell advertising your links.

Sell Photo for Passive Income: If you are great at taking pictures, or your hobby is photography. Did you know you can sell your images online to earn passive income.

The good thing is you don’t have to be a professional to sell your images. Each time someone buys the right to your photos you make money.

Start Collecting Email Today: If you want to make money, you need to start collecting emails today. When someone opt-in to receive more information for you.

You send out monthly newsletters with your affiliate product link to generate income. Another way you can use your email list is by selling them you other marketer through solo ads. Udimi is my favorite place for buying and selling my email list.

Learn more on how to create passive income with no money. If you like listening to podcast check out Smart Passive Income.

Promoting CPA Offers: There are several ways to learn how to create passive income with no money. The easiest way is through CPA offers. Once you get accepted into the network you can a good money by promoting offers.

The first step is learning more about CPA offer and how does it work. What is CPA Affiliate Marketing will get you on the right track in making passive income.

Passive Income Mindset

Yes, as you see there are ways to make passive income work for you. None this would be without the right mindset. The right mindset is an important part of running a successful online business.

Having the right mindset requires focus and self-discipline to create a passive income strategies. A passive mindset is going to be the backbone for supporting your entire business journey.

The E-Myth Revisited: Why Most Small Businesses Don’t Work and What to Do About It

What is Your Why?

To start making passive income you must determine What is your WHY? Perhaps you’re searching for a way to make changes in your life and you’re tired of being in the same situation. You must defined your WHY? That is what’s going to motivate you in doing the work. It

Start with Why: How Great Leaders Inspire Everyone to Take Action

Without having a millionaire mindset, you’ll still be in the same current situation 5 to 10 years from now. Creating opportunity don’t happen overnight.

You can’t wait for the opportunity to come you have to create it. Learn the top secrets for accumulating more money.

Millionaire Mind: 6 Book Bundle – Passive Income, Don’t Compete Dominate, Don’t Wait For Opportunity Create It, Entrepreneurship, A2z Of Success, Top Secrets Of Accumulating More Money

Passive Income With Amazon Affiliate Associate

Amazon is a powerhouse for affiliate marketers like yourself. This is one way for learning how to create passive income with no money. Amazon associate can create a passive income with the help of Amazon products.
This is a dream house for selling or promoting kindle books through Amazon.

Building a passive income using Amazon associate program. This is way you need a website. Associates can create blog post in a particular niche and insert Amazon links into the post. Generating monthly money into your bank account.

Create Passive Income With Print on Demand

Yes, You can create some good money from print on Demand. Online marketer has discover ways to make money. by taking images and design and selling them on canvas like T-shirts, posters, pen, mugs and lots  more. One you create the demand it’s seen by thousand of people all over the world and the good thing about all it’s free.

  1. Redbubble
  2. Zazzle
  3. Fine Art America
  4. Society6
  5. Cafe Press
  6. Printer’s Studio
  7. CowCow
  8. Deviant Art
  9. Spreadshirt
  10. Skreened


Some of the ideas mention in this article can get you on the right path to start making passive income with no money. I hope you have enjoyed reading the post. My goal was to provide you some good tips for making long term income from home.

What are some other passive income resources you are using?  Please leave a comment below.

How to create passive income with no money

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8 thoughts on “How To Create Passive Income With No Money-Create a Plan”

  1. It is not a waste of money to hire professionals in some help. In the long run you will notice it in your company the improvements and benefits.

  2. Thank you so much for sharing this. I really like who you stated what passive income is and what it can allow us to do in our lives. I’m still in the process of earning passive income, at least enough income to where I don’t have to worry about bills or other monthly expenses. You are right, you definitely have to have a plan in order to get that to happen and you have to be willing to learn. Great stuff!

    • Thanks for commenting it really means a lot, my goal is to write good content that my readers will enjoy and I so glad that you like reading this post. It true some people want thing handed to them in life. I look at like this if you really want something in life you have to have the determination and the desire to go after what you want. If you have the mindset tondo whatever it takes to become who you want to be…

  3. Hi Tony

    This is a great list of ways to make money with little or no investment. I personally like blogging and monetising through affiliate marketing.
    I am looking to start promoting CPA offers, but I need some place to learn, do you know of any good training for CPA marketing?
    I do hear CPA is more profitable than affiliate marketing, is that true? looking forward to hearing back from you.
    Thanks for a great article.

    • Hey Minhaj I’ve written article on CPA offers and where to start. Type in CPA in the search bar and you can learn some great information about promoting CPA offers.

  4. Hi Anthony,

    Great article on how to make passive income with no money. Your information in this article is as good as gold. You gave several perfect examples on how to get started and what to do. I’m going to take your advice and give a few of these things a try.



    • Hey thanks Jack for checking out my article, In hope this help you get a little bit more knowledge on how to make more passive income.


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