How To Create Successful Blog – Blogging Startups For Newbies

How To Create Successful Blog – Blogging Startups For Newbies

How to create successful blog, that is the question?

Making a living from blogging is a sweet deal in today’s world. The opportunity is out there to build a website with a popular niche. Learning How to create successful blog is what you will discover in this article.

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Why Blogging So Popular?

Bloggers love the opportunity of making a passive income that will bring cash flowing even when they’re sleeping. Becoming financially free from the rat race of the nine to five job. Find ways on How to create successful blog is what you are looking to do.

How To Create Successful Blog

The good thing about blogging is that you get to make money writing content on some favorite topic that you are passionate about.

You can earn a lot of money here in Wealthy Affiliate if your blog takes off and become successful in the internet world. This training will teach you How to create successful blog from start to finish.

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There’s no limit to what you can learn from the training the sky the limit. The downside to all this is? It’s not an easy task to accomplish. This is about working hard and becoming dedicated to achieving what you want in life. Too many people join wealthy affiliate thinking that money will come falling out of the trees, approaching blogging will that kind of mindset will only leave you devastated? You need to approach this training as a full time job, if you are expecting to make your website your full time income.

Choosing a niche. 

Just in case you don’t understand what a niche” basically mean a topic or subject.

This is the main theme of which your website is going to focus on and what you’ll be writing blog content on a daily basis for your post.

How to create successful blog

You might be thinking that easy to do, but picking your niche is actually something you want to really think carefully.

Choosing the right niche can make your life a lot easier when trying to write a blog post. If you chose the wrong niche it can make it impossible to achieve the success you’re looking for.

In the training we will look at some suggestion that you need to keep in mind when choosing your niche.

Choose a niche that you will enjoy.

If you are looking to make this your full time source of income, then you have to think about is this something that I will enjoy blogging about everyday? Will I enjoyed researching and writing blogs on a regular basis?

If it’s something that you think you will enjoy then writing blog content will become a lot easier and more pleasant.

You will find much easier coming up will new ideas for your website. Writing about your passion will connect with more readers who are willing to listen to what you have to say

Choosing a Name

Now that you have a niche in mind, it’s time to choose a name for your online business.Choosing your name is very important to your business. This will be domain name that visitors will type in the search bar to find your website.

How to create successful blog

It’s important to choose a name based on keyword search. Your name is important for SEO (search engine optimization) this will insure that you get website get high ranking in Google or Bing.

Your domain name should be easy and searchable for people to remember. The more memorable your domain name is the best advantage in branding your new business. As I mention about branding your website is simply choosing a name that’s similar to your niche.

Example. If your niche is about recipes. A domain name like Easyrecipes.com will make your business more memorable to your audience.

Your goal is to choose a catchy domain name. Aim for something unique and interesting. Also think about your logo people remembers catchy logos.

When you have a unique name is a lot easier to create a good logo for your website.

Create a Logo

This in the training the challenge is creating a logo for your new website. If you are a beginner, then you are probably wondering how do I come up with a logo?

The first step is to recognize what makes a good logo. Here are some basic ideas.

How to create successful blog

Your logo should be some simple, because you will be branding it in many different places on the web. Your logo should be at the top of your website.

Also, your logo can be used on social media like Facebook page and Twitter page. As I mention early the help creates visibility so people remember your website.

If you take a look at some popular businesses Logo like Walmart, Target, Costco you more likely to remember going to the website right? So think of your logo in that mindset.

Be original and think of something unique that people will remember your website. Your logo should tell your visitors what your website is all about. Create a logo that looks professional and colorful.

Choosing a Theme

Now that you have your niche, name and logo; now it’s time to focus on your theme. This is one the most difficult tasks when building your website blog.

Choosing a theme that the right idea for your niche and blog post. If you have set a WordPress blog most likely you will start off with the default theme.

How to create successful blog

How to create successful blog

It’s important to choose a theme that going to look professional to your readers. The layout should be easy for your visitors to navigate around when gathering the information you provide for them.

When you first create a website with wealthy affiliate. You are given free a theme through WordPressYou can preview the free themes by using your dashboard and click on appearance, then click on theme from there you can select the one you want to use. The problem with free themes, they tend to have less option that you might be wanting use on your website. Plus other members inside wealthy affiliate might be using the same theme. If you are well advanced then it’s better to look for paid themes instead. For beginner’s using the free theme works just fine.

For starter choose a theme that suitable with niche you’re going to create. Example: if your niche is Food then you might want to pick a theme that has images or image sliders to showcase your work.

Choosing a theme that has crisp images linking to each post you upload.

  • The Voux
  • The Soledad
  • The Neptune

If your niche is selling clothing you might want to looking for themes that you can display an image that you can include prices WordPress has some pretty good themes for that niche.

How to create successful blog

How to create successful blog


  • Woopress ,
  • Atelier,
  • eCommerce by themeshop,
  • Scalia

Just to name off a few of these some free WordPress themes that you can start using.

The most important is to make sure whatever theme you choose that is a responsive theme, which mean that the theme is compatible with all devices such as laptop, and mobile. Make it look good and load quickly.

In the meantime, during your search take a look at some blog you enjoy visiting, Admire the layout, what don’t you like about it? What do you like about? Ask yourself these questions. This will help you get ideas about your website.

How To Write Killer Blog Content

Having a beautiful is one thing, but having nothing on it is another task. To start generating visitors and build momentum for your new online business, then you’re going to need content.

If you are just starting you will soon learn why Content is King” What I mean about the content is a blog post.

How to create successful blog

This is particular information that people searching for in the search engines. By adding more content to your website give people the incentive to visit your site.

This also a great way to brand your business and get your name out there in the internet world. Writing content also helps build your SEO ranking in the search engines. Google crawls related keyword that is published on your blog that people are searching for on the web.

The more blog post you have, the more chances of getting loads of traffic to your website. That leads to people finding your site relevant to what they are looking for.

Having an interesting article on your website should help you build a loyal fan of subscribers to your website. This is part of having an email list is critical to content marketing. They will subscribe to your list so they can revisit or get updated on new deals you have published on your blog.

Writing new content is good to use on social media, you can share your new blog post to get more readers to your website.

How Many Blog Post Should You Be Publishing?

Most expert bloggers will tell you that you should be posting 2-3 article a week, while others will tell you something different. The truth is there is no guideline to how much you should be posting.

The secret is to post as much as possible to be consistent with your website. Consistency is the real key to unleash loads readers to your website. Don’t try to be like some of the expert bloggers, just be yourself and stay consistent with your blog post. Content is king and we all have seen how it can grow your business. Google loves content and the more you have on your website the better chance of people finding you on the web.

Spend a lot of time creating content for your blog and make some draft of ideas you like to write about. Keep a journal of topics you like to blog about. You can be successful posting a blog a week.

To really take it to the next level try to post multiple times a week. Just begin consistent is the secret to making a living from blogging.

How Many Words Should I Have In My Post?

According to blogging expert, like Neil Patel, you should have about 2000 words in each of your blog post. The more words attracts more search traffic to your post. Simply because of your use of H1, H2, H3 and keywords in your article. Neil Patel says in each of his post has about 1500 word count that gets him 70% more tweets and likes than words less than 1500.

So my suggestion on how many words should you have in your blog post. I would aim for 1500-2000 words.

How to create successful blog

How to create successful blog Using Curate Content

Looking for ideas to write a new blog post can be a bit challenging, one method is using curated content that you have gathered on the web. Basically a list of inspiring quotes that you can included a short article based on that quote. As long your article provides value to your readers. Don’t copy other people article.

Be mindful of the risk from Google they don’t like anyone duplicating what others already publish elsewhere. Another way is to require the work of guest bloggers, although I wouldn’t recommend having guest bloggers on your site.

Guest bloggers are people who publish content on your site in exchange for free links back to their site.

In many cases, it’s a win-win situation, if you don’t like writing articles

How to create successful blog Using Google Alerts

Another great way to get ideas for your blog is by using Google Alerts. Did you know you can create an alert for a particular product, niche? This can give you ideas to write about on your own blog.

It’s also a great way to spy on your competition, build your backlinks and get you more visitors.

How To Create Successful Blog Creating Roundup Question

This is probably one of my favorite ways to get ideas for your blog post. Creating roundup question is simply asking questions of other influence bloggers to comment on. By reaching out to them you can add value to your visitors by getting insight from other bloggers.

(Example: What are the best resources to get traffic?)

When other bloggers reply with a comment, this can give you some ideas and insights on your next blog post. So get out there an asked questions, you’ll be surprised on how many blog topic ideas you can write about.

How To Create Successful Blog Reading Lots of Books

Reading book helps you stay focused on ideas for your blog. It also keeps your mind focus on the dreams. Reading lots of books motivate reaching your goals. Learning strategies on how successful people are creating a wealthy lifestyle is a great ways to come up with new ideas for your blog.

It’s easy to write a blog article on topics by gathering information your learn from reading books.

The information is a great way to get ideas and add value to your readers. Reading inspires us to blog more and come up with great content

How to create successful blog Keeping a Journal

It may sound a little funny, but you’ll be surprised of how many articles, I have written just by thing writing down thing in my journal.One way on How to create successful blog is by keeping a journal.

Take notes of things you come across on the web. Anytime you’re searching on the internet take note of relevant topic in your niche. This helps you think of new ways to better your website.

Mimic What Works For Others Bloggers

Don’t steal other bloggers work, but study what’s working for them. Learn what type of articles is getting the most shares. Then come up with ways to better your blog post to draw more visitors.

One of my favorite tools, I like to use is BuzzSumo Now that you have seen what article are drawing the most victors, you can now implement your own unique spin in your article to attract more visitors. Writing about any old topic isn’t going to make your blog post successful. Knowing the kind of articles people are searching for is what going to bring more readers to your blog.

Why SEO (search engine optimization) is Important?

The ideas is that you want to write a post that people are searching for on the web. The ideas is that you want to write a post that people are searching for on the web.

Finding those subject topics can be found by using keyword research tool. Keyword tool allows you to see what people are looking for using a focus keyword.

The best keyword tool, I’ve found to be more effective is the Jaaxy keyword tool. This is far the best resource for finding those topics.

Check out this tool today and get 30 Free searches just for setting up your Free Account Today.

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Finding Good Article To Write About

Forums are a great way to finding new articles to write about. When you join forums that’s related to your niche. Inside them people are asking question about something.

The goal is to write a new article solving the problems that people want answers. That’s why forums are great for finding new ideas.

With everything you’ve learned here today, you should now know what it takes to create a successful blog and become a master blogger.

The tips you learned from this article is highly rewarding, If you follow the example soon you can be able to earn a full time income and be able to quit your job.

How To Make Money With a Blogging

How to make money with a blogging doesn’t happen by placing ads all over your website. Many people think that signing up for Google Adsense will help them create the income.

The problem is that you only earn a few cents from Google Adsense, The real money comes from creating or selling products on your website.

This is How to create successful blog selling products to earn commission. Selling product is the best way to make money from blogging. You can easily do this with e-book and of course digital product is the hottest money maker. Selling these type of products you can earn up to 50%-75% commission in sales. This next step will teach you How to create successful blog.

Affiliate Marketing Is the Way

If you’re not familiar with affiliate, you might want to start looking into affiliate marketing. This is a way to make money selling other people’s products. Now you can start earning those big commissions.

Blogger’s are making a living selling products on their website with affiliate marketing. The good thing about affiliate marketing you can sell products people are looking for on the internet.

Many successful blogger have learn How to create successful blog using this method. Best ways to find products is through ClickBank, JVZoo, Amazon Associates. Creating product review content is a great strategy for landing those big 50-75% commission sales.

Many bloggers top affiliate site would be Amazon, simply because the wide range of products they have on their website. People like reading the reviews an what better ways for you to capture their attention with your product review blog article on that product.

I can’t finish this article without talking about getting traffic and building an email list.

These are probably the most important elements on how to create successful blog. One of the frustrating task of getting readers to your blog is traffic, You can the best blog on the internet, but without traffic, you are just out there in the dessert all by yourself.

Finding ways to get more readers to your website is critical to your success of making a living. Here in this section we’re going to discuss some ways to get more people to your blog.

There are many ways to generate traffic to your website. Resources like social media, Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest. Incorporate social media plug-ins on your website to reach a broader audience. Get More Information on how you can advertise your business.

As your blog continues to grow, you want to promote your blog with an email marketing campaign. Most successful bloggers have an email service provider like Aweber, Get Response, or Mail Chimp. Some of these providers are Free and some are paid.

Read more Related article on this topic to learn how you can start building your list.

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    • Thanks Jacob this only some little things you can do to create financial freedom from blogging, but like I said in the article it’s hard work and it’s takes determination. Guest blogging can have some benefits if you learn how to implement it properly. Learning is the Key. Thanks my friend.


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