How To Generate Traffic To Your Website | 8 Compelling Ways To Do It

How To Generate Traffic To Your Website | 8 Compelling Ways To Do It

How to generate traffic to your website when you’re starting out into the blogging world. It’s exciting to create your first blog website. Now you have to figure out how to generate traffic to your website. In this article I will give you some great strategies for achieving your goals…..

Getting traffic is the numbers one resource for building your business online. In this article is going to show you how to generate traffic to your website for Free.

How To Generate Traffic To Your Website

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Let’s get started…

#1 Know Your Audience Inside and Out

The problem with people not get the traffic they need on their website is they have no clue of who the audience are.

The problem with people don’t the traffic they need on their website is they have no clue of who the audience are. What I mean by knowing your audience is finding out what they are struggling with. What problems are they having.

Once you know who they are, then educate them with the answer they need to move forward. You can address their pain and struggles with valuable information.  That will trigger something in them, that makes them want to stay connected to you.

#2 Offer People Something Worthwhile

One method to learning how to generate traffic to your website is giving people what they want. In other words, give them some worthwhile. Focus your attention on quality information that attract them to your website.

I have something worthwhile to show you. Check out right here

#3 Use Low Hanging Fruits Keywords.

One simple method on how to generate traffic to your website is using low hanging fruit keyword. Using this strategy will get people to find your website using special keywords.

Plus this help your website get rank higher in Google. The more people find your information the more traffic you get coming to your website.

One simple tool that is vital to find those low hanging fruit keyword is a tool called Jaaxy. It’s is best keyword tool on the internet today. If you haven’t sign for your free Jaaxy account

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Because I want to help you get the best training on  How to generate traffic to your website. I’ve include a great video training on how to get rank using low hanging fruit keywords.

Watch the training : How to get rank for low hanging keywords

#4 Using Infographics

I’m glad you’re still with me. One of my favorite ways on how to generate traffic to your website is using infographics. It’s hard to believe something so simple can produce a lot of traffic to your business.

The good thing about infographics. It allows you to create shareable content that can be on social media sites such as Pinterest.

Pinterest followers love sharing content with this kind of information. When you create pins that have something of interest most likely this get your message seen by a lot of people.


See how I create infographics for Free. Once you create your free account you get 10 free template to choice for your infographic design. 

#5 Create Great Content Blog Post

This is what blog life is all about, that’s creating great content for your readers. This content must be so good they can help but to share what you have written to other on social media sites.

If your content isn’t giving your visitors what they need, then most likely they will return. You content must be compelling to your readers.

Capture your visitor’s attention with something compelling from the beginning. With people short attention spans, you have to hook them right from the start.

Try using short stories to connect with your visitors. Try to get them to take action for what you’re offering them. If you want to learn how to generate traffic to your website, you need to write more compelling content.

#6 Shared with Social Media

How to generate traffic to your website. Social media is a huge resource for sharing your articles. Sharing eye catching images, your website info to thousand of people in your niche.

Branding your logo in social site can increase your website traffic.

#7 Captivated Images

It’s true using captivated images to drive more traffic to your website is possible. With Social sites like Pinterest and Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn to name a few. Using images to tell your story can increase your traffic and conversion rates.

People tend to remember captivated images more than the content itself. Somehow they can remember images days later verses the content they read.

25% of traffic comes from placing captivated images on Pinterest and Instagram. That’s why 70% of my traffic comes from images seen on Facebook and Twitter and LinkedIn. Using captivated images can help bring more traffic to your website.

# 8 Invite Guest Blogging

If you have an active blog, then I would recommend inviting guest blogging on your website. Although there are some advantages and so disadvantages for allowing guest blogging. But for the most part guest blogging is working for me.


Hey I you guys and gals have enjoyed reading this article. My goal is help you reach your goals and build your dreams one blog at a time.

If you have any questions Please contact me using the form on this website. Also I want you to come guest blog on my website.

Do you have some ways to generate traffic and like to share it? Please Comment Below.

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  1. Hi Anthony

    very honest site, you offer people a good resource when it comes to affiliate marketing by using WA as platform. i like it a lot, also i like the the tools you offer on e-mail marketing, SEO marketing etc. very good.

    Did this website already generated income for you? because i have something similar and wondered if im on the right way here?


    • Hey Kris, Thanks for commenting, Yes my website is generating income, I haven’t reach my goal but if I keep driving traffic and creating good content I’ll be hitting my goal of $5000 monthly or more……


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