How To Make a Blog for Free -Making Money Online Is Possible

How To Make a Blog for Free -Making Money Online Is Possible

How to make money with a WordPress Blog is one of the most asked question among bloggers. In this article you will find some ridiculously strategies to help you earn more money online.

One tip about running a successful online blog is that you need a platform that can help you achieve that goal. WordPress is the number one tool that allows anyone to build a successful website and earn a living from it.

Every day people are searching in Google how making money online. Among those searches are questions asked how to make money with a WordPress blog.

How To Make a Blog for Free

The results are impressive that over millions of people are making a living with a blog. So, the question is how are people making money from a blog when it’s just information? In this article my goal is to show you how to make money with a WordPress blog.

Disclaimer: this post contains affiliate links. This means I may earn a commission should you choose to sign up for a program or make a purchase using my link. It’s Okay – I love all of these companies anyways, and you will too

Let’s get started.

How To Make Money with a WordPress Blog

Now we’re getting to the good part of this blog, of course that’s making money. Learning how to make money selling products or service on your website is what you will learn today.

Make Money With Your WordPress Blog: Learn How To Monetize Your Blog Using Affiliate Marketing

Learning how to make money selling products or service on your website is what you will learn today. You will also learn how to monetize your blog to maximize your earnings.

By the time you finish this article you will know how to make money with a WordPress blog. So let’s get started,

One of the most effective ways to make money is through affiliate links. Affiliate links are what they call (referral links) that are placed in your WordPress blog with text or images that take your readers to another website.

While on the website, if they continue to make a buy, you make a commission for referring them to the website.

Sound awesome right?

The Ultimate Guide To Making Money Online

Becoming an affiliate of some of the major networks is easy. Most of them have tons of products and service that include affiliate links that you can begin promoting on your WordPress blog.

How To Make a Blog for Free

Some of the most popular networks are Amazon Associates, ShareAsale, Commission Junction. One important note about these networks is before signing up for them, just make sure you have your website establish.

You don’t want to get rejected because you don’t have a website. Here are some ready cool themes to choose for building your new website.

Get The Best WordPress Theme To Build an Amazing Site

If you already have your website established head over and joined the networks. Below are some of my favorite programs to join.

  • Amazon Associate
  • Commission Junction
  • ShareASale

If you are new to the internet world and would like to get my bonus tips on how to make making with a WordPress blog.

Then get my #1 recommend training course that will teach you everything you need to know about blogging.

Wealthy Affiliate Is a great place to be for beginners. You can start to learn absolutely Free! But before you do that read this review about why this is the best opportunity ever.

How To Make a Blog for Free

Google AdSense Affiliate Program

Putting ads on your blog is one method for making money. Google Adsense has been the leading choice among bloggers.

It’s easy to sign up and just sit back let Google do the work for you. When anyone click on the Google ads you earn commission for that click.

If you are new to Amazon. Don’t worry, I got you covered. Here is a training that will help you improve your amazon earning.

How To Make a Blog for Free

10 tips to improve your Amazon Earning– this training has helped many people just like yourself learn how to make money with a WordPress blog.

Let’s move on…..

Email Newsletters

This is one of the most forgotten ways to make money online. It’s important to grow your email list, but once you have a pretty good email list and newsletters can be a highly effective way to stay in touch with your subscribers.

How To Make a Blog for Free

Email newsletter are snapshots of a product, service or an event that tell your subscribers that you have something special going on your website and they should check out. This leads to more sales and profits.

Learn more about Email Marketing that will help grow your list.


This tool will show you how to send out successful newsletters to your subscribers. If you on a budget this email marketing system will only cost you $9.00/month-for up to 500 subscribers. Join Aweber Today

Writing Articles

Yes, you can learn how to make money with a WordPress blog with your writing skills. If you like to write, then there are freelance jobs that you can start earning money today. Check out this guide on how you can get started

How To Make a Blog for Free

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Creating Your Own Products To Sell.

Maybe you have mastered that affiliate link side of life, it time to start creating your own products to sell on your WordPress blog. Once your start creating your own products to sell on your website. You can earn some great income from it. I’ve included a good training to help you get started.

How To Make a Blog for Free

Here a great training course that can show you how to start creating products.

Let’s Get Started Making Your Blog

Creating an Ebook Store.

Selling books on your website, is a great way to earn money from your blog. Although one of the best methods for doing so, is through your amazon associate account.

How To Make a Blog for Free

Members can create an online store where you can place your affiliate link code on your website. Instantly you have an online bookstore that you can send your readers.

When they buy books, you earn commission from the sale. (Important notice) If you are selling through Amazon by law you have to mention a disclaimer letting people know that you will earn a commission if they click on the link and buy.

Sponsored Post Products Reviews

Begin that the internet is filled with product online, you can make money writing article on a company product. In many cases the company will pay you a fee for writing the article.

How To Make a Blog for Free

The biggest challenge is finding companies who are willing to do this review.

Whenever you write reviews you want to make sure that it’s your honest opinion and its based on your own experience. The goal is to share your experiences with your readers.

Another tip for writing review make sure that you check the terms to see if you can add your own affiliate links within the post. This creates more eyes on your products as well.

Sell Your WordPress Blog

My lastly suggestion for how to make money with a WordPress blog is consider selling it. I have many business associates who have taken this route and have made some good money doing so.

how to make a blog for free

There a lot of web designers who have built successful blog and sold it for a good amount of money.

If your blog is generating monthly income around $25,000 this could be a good candidate for selling.

Learn when is the best time to sell your website

So now you might be asking “where can I sell my website?

If been doing business online for as long as I have. Flippa at some point is one of name you have heard of for selling your website.

It’s a place not only for selling, but you can also buy websites as well. In this article I will not go over the details about how to sell on Flippa.

Although there are tutorial that show you how to set up your information for selling.

Take a look at recently customers purchases of books.


Yes, it’s true you can make money giving away sweepstakes on your blog. This creates massive traffic/ social sharing to your website.

how to make a blog for free

It’s important to keep track of your entries in the contest. There’s a tool that allows you to create widget on your website, so that you can keep a record of the numbers of entries.

Whenever I run a sweepstakes on my website. I use Rafflecopter

Freelance Writing

One popular way to make money with a WordPress blog is freelance writing. With little investment or website is not needed, but I do recommend a website. This helps you make money much quicker.

how to make a blog for free

One thing most bloggers love freelance writing is that you get paid in most jobs the same day. You can start writing exclusive content for websites that you get paid for doing the job.

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Why You Need Website Traffic?

If you are going to make money online. You need to know how important to know why you need website traffic to increase your sales.

how to make a blog for free

While I’ve given you tons of ways to make money with a WordPress blog. You still need traffic to make money with the suggestion I’ve mentioned in this article.

It’s important to know that blogging is not a way to get rich quick. Blogging is providing your readers with valuable information. Getting more engagement on your website is what’s going to make you successful.

One of the best ways to can trust with your readers is to provide valuable information. Making sure your content is high quality that your readers enjoyed. Be original when writing quality content for your readers.

Your goal is to increase more engagement. You can’t make money if your readers are not engaging and clicking your affiliate links.

Stay Tuned for more information on how to create more engagement on your website. But for now I will end this article on this note. You can make money with a WordPress Blog.

I hope you have enjoyed this article. If you have any question, Please contact me using the form on this website.

Let’s Get Started Making Your Blog

What Strategies Do You Use To Make Money with a WordPress Blog?

Hey, Please leave your comments below, I would like to know what your thought of this article.

how to make a blog for free

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  1. Hey thanks Michael, I think out of all the programs on my blog, I would have to say email marketing, simply because it give my readers valuable information on how to grow their businesses and grow their email list. I truly believe the money is in the list. These are trustworthy subscribers that love what I’m providing to them and are willing to buy good valuable offers from me.

  2. Wow great article on how to make money with a blog. You answered every question I had and then some.

    It is quite surprising to see there’s so many ways someone can make money with a blog. I personally like affiliate marketing the most.

    What methods do you enjoy or use the most to make money with your blogs?


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