How To Make a Living Blogging-Ways To Bring Your Ideas To Life

Top 10 Ways On How to Make a Living Blogging That Can Make Wealthy

How to make a living by blogging

Blogging for living for a living would be the ultimate dream job for people who love being creative and helping others along the way. What if you can blog for living? How would your life be right now? Traveling all over the world, on vacation at the beach, or even hanging out at your local coffee shop posting blog posts.

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Look at The Big Picture How To Earn Money Blogging

One thing to tell is if you are expecting to have this big success instantly then I hate to disappoint you because it’s not going to happen. Blogging for a living is going to take time. Most people look at blogging as a way to earn money right from the beginning . Of course you can make good money from blogging , however it can take two years, six month, in some cases it might even take six years to start earning money from your blog.

The big picture of how to make a living from blogging is to not giving up on your dreams. Don’t give up even when you don’t see any results. Take a step back and see what you are doing that is different from your competitors.

Why Blogging is So Popular?

Blogging is popular these days for the simple fact that anyone with a skill set can create a blog. And you don’t have to be a tech guru to learn how to turn your skills into profits. You don’t have to worry about your writing skills. There are many grammar tools that can help you along the way.

Having a blog gives you a way to show off your talent and skills, whether you are an artist, musician, craftsman, designer or painter and the list goes on. By starting your own blog is about showing the world what you have to offer them. Blogging is your way of self advertising to the world.

How to make a living blogging

Creating a blog is so fun and exciting it a way of helping others in your niche to solve a problem. It’s a way to show off products and answer questions from your readers. Blogging is the ultimate resource for helping the world.

Another reason why blogging is popular is because you can connect with like- minded people within your niche to start sharing ideas and promotional products, create podcasting shows, live webinars etc. Check out this amazing community I found that has supported me along the way.

Lastly, blogging is so popular because it can make you money. Here’s how to make a living by blogging

  • Monetizing your blog with ads
  • Google Adsense
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Selling Your Own Product or Services
  • Sponsoring Ads on Your Blog
  • Getting Paid to Write/Blogs and Reviews
  • PPC Networks

Discovering how to make a living with a blog is fun and creating a blog will make you a better writer in the end. You will inspire others to follow your path in blogging for a living. The good thing is blogging is very affordable for anyone to get started. 

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What Types Blogger?-Blogging Collaboration

While “The Blogger” is a title used to define a vast community of individuals who are using the internet to gain online recognition, this community of people can be divided into several different subcategories of bloggers learning how to make a living blogging. In this article, you will learn some steps to get you started on the journey of blogging for a living.

Part-Time Curious Blogger

First, we have a part-time blogger. This individual uses his or her website to share personal likes, dislikes, and anecdotes. This casual blogger typically maintains his website as a type of hobby, with no real intention of launching the website into his primary form of capital, although it would be nice.

The part-time blogger is quick to fall in love with quick results and not really to be committed to their goals. Curious bloggers like the idea of blogging. They are interested in learning but the problem with these types of bloggers is that they feel like it is a job instead of an opportunity.

Typically this type of blogger will post a plethora of photos, and videos he or she has found around the net as a means of sharing their interests with others and staying connected.

The part-time blogger always ends up quitting and gets frustrated because they haven’t reaped the harvest when they expected. Part-time doesn’t put in the time to grow their blog.

Are you a part-time blogger?

Caution Blogger

The caution blogger is an individual who uses their blogs in order to market themselves online. They search throughout the internet to learn how to make a living blogging online.These are bloggers who have the mindset to become an entrepreneur with his or her online business.

They even have already launched their blog and started building their email list.The problem with these types of bloggers is they are only thinking about themselves instead of others.

People who are careful only  focus on making a quick sale so they focus on what other people are doing to make money online. They don’t put in the time to mature their blog into a great harvest

These bloggers typically see a fair amount of profit from his website, but the revenue he earns online is nowhere near as valuable as the money he is making from his full-time profession.

Are you a caution blogger?

Committed Blogger

The third type of blogger, who in recent times has become the envy of most nine to fivers around the world, is the blogger who quit his job, packed up a suitcase of bare essentials and is managing his website full-time from a sandy beach, with a piña colada always in hand. He or she is committed fully to their business.

A committed blogger is a combination of the two previously mentioned types of steroids, well, hypothetical steroids that are.

You see, while this type of blogger’s job might concise of staying at home perfecting the ultimate chocolate chip cookie, or eating breakfast by the sea, may seem like an easy gig, in fact, this blogger works harder than most.

A person who is committed to their dreams is a blogger who teaches and helps other people how to make a living blogging. They focus on value rather than money. A committed blogger looks for ways to better the lives of others.


Whenever a committed person uses his or her thoughts, ideas in order to build a better lifestyle of an online user. They cannot help but fall head-over-heels in love with.

This type of blogger has everyone else wondering, “how can I make a living as a blogger. How can I receive the same results?

Probably an essential hidden ingredient to a life spent blogging is patience. Committed blogger has a lot of patience, even when the money doesn’t come as soon as they wish. It doesn’t matter with a blogger who is committed. They love what they do for others.

This must-have quality is something most of the blogging 101 guide books tend to leave out. But why is patience so important?

It’s your one-way ticket to Jamaica.

Your backpack of bare essentials is packed, and you are ready to take on the world and publish every minute of it as a means of exploring and making living doing it.

Hold Off That Jamaica Trip

Hold it right there, buddy. Your unforgettable Jamaica will happen, and if you play it smart, you might just be able to do what many have tried to do and fail, which is how to make a living blogging.

 how to make a living blogging

The first step, however, before quitting your day job, is to make sure that you have the right game plan. Check out my number #1 game changer that will get you on the right track and show you how to make a living blogging. Start Your Training Today  Click Here Now.

10 Steps To Blogging for a Living

Learning how to make a living blogging requires 10 steps for getting started. Making a successful living off of your blog most certainly takes patience, determination, and dedication mainly because a successful blog just doesn’t “happen” overnight.

There is a long list of things any blogger must do before he will ever see a penny from his hard work and creativity.

So, to narrow things down, and to help all of you dreamers to blog success stories, here is a list of steps, which are sure to help you kick-start your blogging journey.

Choose A Passion You Love

The key to successful blogging is to the cater to your audience, create something of value and let your audience come to you. Don’t just create an article that has nothing to do with your audience interest.

 how to make a living blogging

Whether you are just starting out doesn’t mean you can’t have success with blogging. You just need to focus more on your audience needs. Choosing a passion, another mistake often made by beginners is starting a website that covers a number of topics, instead of singling in on one niche. Pick one niche and stick with it. When you one focus on one niche you have a better success rate. Not only is it easier to blog about one specific topic, especially if you are managing a blog alone.

While choosing a passion you love, and writing about it seems easy, there is a catch, and it’s one that lands many new bloggers in the dog house. Yes, it is best to start blogging about a topic you love, but that topic needs to be relevant enough in order to get a significant amount of followers.

Be Unique With Your Blog

Maybe you think your idea blog can’t stand out from all the rest of 6 million blogs on the internet. I believe you can be unique especially with the right mindset of a writer.

Take a look at some of the most successful full-time bloggers. They are usually running a niche blog with posts covering topics that people want to read about.

But what sets these bloggers apart from the rest? In a very subtle way, these bloggers manage to write about the ordinary, from a perspective that makes each post sound extraordinary.

You have to be the voice of your blog, no one else can put a unique twist on your blog. Putting your unique twist, or take on an everyday story will help you better connect with your target audience. The one thing other bloggers cannot duplicate is your individuality, which should stream out of your posts.

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The internet is a colossal home to articles, videos, and images. It is certainly a buyers market, and if your posts cannot captivate your readers within the first few sentences, there is nothing that will stop these passers-by from moving on to the next website.

To be unique successful topic-choosing is to find the fine line between relevant. What makes you different from everyone else and why should people following your blog.

You want to choose a topic that you feel comfortable writing about, as well as one that readers are sure to be interested in. With so much going on, and everybody talking about it, the trick is finding a niche that people want to read about, but that isn’t splattered across every web page on the internet.

While you may have every episode of Keeping Up With The Kardashians recorded on your television, writing an in-depth post on what possessed Kim to name her child North may be a topic that is just too talked about.

Try to stay away from telling people what they already know even if that topic interests you. Readers don’t have to attention span to continue down your post line after line hearing things they have already tweeted about an hour ago. Try to stay current with your posts, or better yet, stay ahead of the game.

Spend more time talking to your readers.

 Be A Professional

Behind every successful blog, is a professional blogger. Now, when we say “professional” we do not mean suit and tie. The professional blogger comes in many different shapes and sizes.

The key to being a professional is knowing how to make a living blogging and how to blog under any circumstance. If your plan is to make a living off of your blog, then the world is your office, and you need to be able to set up your cubicle at a moment’s notice.

A blogger’s most valuable tool is his computer. Without a good computer, a serious amount of battery life, and internet access, your blogging life is bound to get a lot more complicated.

When you decide to start your blog, be sure your computer will be able to see you through it all. Finding a reasonably priced computer, with a good battery life is easy if you do your research.

Being a blogger means being your own boss. The tougher you are on yourself, as an employee of yourself, the better your chances of building a successful online business will become.

Finding The Right Place To Host Your Website. 

Choosing your website’s platform is like choosing a car. There are tons of different models, which all offer a different set of features.

 how to make a living blogging

Before you start your blog, be sure to do your research on which platform you are going to start running it on. Not every platform is designed for every blogger, and getting stuck on a platform that cannot best serve your website will leave you in a very sticky situation.

Ultimately, whichever platform you choose may require some minor adjustments, but the less time you waste tailoring your platform to meet the needs of your blog, the more time you will have to develop your successful website and learning how to make a living blogging.

Wealthy Affiliate is a great pick for any new blogger looking for a simple platform with a few monetization options. If you have a passion for writing long, and detailed posts often, then this platform is the best for you.

Having a WordPress blog allows you to add images to the pages easily, and you can have Google Adsense, or Bing ads running in no time. WordPress platforms are not the best bet for any blogger hoping to test out many different types of plugins. However, if your main reasons for starting a blog are to get fulfillment out of showing your well-written content, then this is the right platform for you to be running your website on. WordPress have hundreds of themes for you to choose from.

Most people have heard the name “WordPress” float around at one point or another. What many blogging newcomers are not aware of is that there are two types of WordPress: WordPress.com and WordPress.org. If your aim is to start and maintain a successful blog it probably bests that you do not run your site on WordPress.com. This platform is littered with issues and is a very limited service all-in-all. On the flip side, WordPress.org is a great platform for anyone hoping to start a successful blog that will highlight contributions from various guest posters, plugins, custom comment sections, and many other extras.

Any newbies to the WordPress world, should keep in mind that WordPress.org does require hosting, and a personal domain in order to become successful online.

But don’t worry wealthy affiliate has got your cover.

The best part about these WordPress platform options is they are completely free, aside from hosting. Be sure to choose the right domain that is easy to type in, and relates to the topic you are going to blog about. With a WordPress platform that meets your needs and a domain title that is easy to remember, you will certainly have one foot in the right direction how to make a living blogging.

Choose Your Strategy Wisely

Now that you have your website and domain all in place. It’s time to focus on your strategy for traffic to your blog. Having a good game plan is the key to having a successful blog. Without a plan, it’s going to be a tough road ahead.

Why should you have a plan? Well, posting should be like eating. You do it at set times every day, and you keep doing it in order to survive. Before you start your website, make a decision with yourself on when you are going to post and how often. Posting must remain a strict routine, in order to maintain a steady following. Your blog posts must be rich, and interesting, and if you do not have time to post regularly, then you must make the decision to find the time, or hold off on blogging until you will have the time.

Learning how to make a living blogging requires a lot of time. One of the main keys to maintaining a steady flow of followers is to have a group of people twiddling their thumbs, waiting for your next post. Make a strict posting schedule, and be sure to stick with it. In doing so, your followers will start expecting your posts and following your website, for the days they know something new will come out. Once you get the ball rolling on your website, you will be responsible for meeting the needs of your readers. In the end, if you cannot keep up with your follower’s demands, they will most likely dump you and move onto the next blogger.

Building Blocks

Aside from having a clear-cut strategy, another important step to building a successful blog is to work with some heavy-duty building blocks.

Once you know the direction you want your blog to head in, create your pages so that they meet the needs of the audience you plan to target.

Don’t you know that everyone’s eyes are too big for their stomach? Well for starters, if you plan on starting a cooking blog, be sure to add some savory images to those recipes in order in order to really get the attention of your users. Similarly, if you are blogging about politics, do as the politicians should, and stick to some to-the-point texts for your pages. Keep in mind, that the foundation of your blog must relate to the audience you are trying to reach.

Always think about your readers when blogging, and remember to build your blog in a way that will appeal to your target audience. Write a blog post that speaks directly to them.

Timing Is Everything

No matter whether you decide to create a website just for fun, or to capitalize, the right way to get your website to where you ultimately want it to be is to play it smart in the beginning.

Many website owners make the mistake of jumping the gun on ads, and other features in the early stages of their websites.

This error could mean the difference between whether your website will see success, or whether it will flat line. Timing in the blogging world is everything, and knowing when it is the right time to start monetizing your pages is vital.

Once you have a solid number of daily followers, and by solid we mean anywhere from 10,000 visitors a day and up, you can start thinking about inserting smart ads that will allow you to capitalize off your pages.

Until you reach 10,000 followers a day, you better keep calm and carry on. When your website is new, and your followers are sparse, it is important to focus on your content and the look of your website.

Make the handful of followers you do have, feel comfortable on your web pages.

Once you get a group of people who like what they see on your site it will surely start to generate a buzz, and before you know it that handful of followers will start to multiply.

When the time is right, you can start by inserting a few non-intrusive ads. While your new blog is still growing, try not to stunt his growth with overwhelming ads.

While advertising options for websites are endless, a wise choice would be to start with services like Google Adsense.

These are ads that will not take up valuable space from your pages, and while your website is still growing, space is key. Google Adsense is very popular, but until your website has reached a mature status, it is best to stay away from these big boys.

Get Connected

Being a website owner is a huge responsibility, and if you want to successfully spread the word about what it is you are talking about, you better get connected.

Of course posting regularly is important, but after publishing your posts, you need to focus on following-up. Reply to your user’s comments.

Start conversations between yourself and your users, and get your followers to subscribe to your website’s newsletter.

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After you have published a new post, be sure to get the word out, and share your new work. Don’t sit back and expect Google, or the magic internet fairy to do the job for you.

 how to make a living blogging

If you want the generate buzz, and encourage people to want to come see what you have to say, then you need to let them know that there is something to come looking for.

Once your blog is up and running be sure to get it a Facebook page, open a Twitter account, and start a page on Pinterest. Generate more followers, make new connections, and get fans. In short, get social media to help your spread the word about your business.

Keep Your Friends Close

Once you decide to start your blog, the one thing you can be sure of is you are not alone. Hundreds of thousands of blogs are started each day, with millions of posts getting published by the hour.

An important step in not only building but ensuring your websites success is to befriend your neighbors. As a website owner, you are part of an immense community of individuals, who for the most part, all deal with the same daily challenges, and tasks.

By creating strategic partnerships, and friendships with other websites you will be protecting your blog from being left out down the road.

 Keep Your Cool

Always keep in mind that a blog is meant to be fun. Remember to keep some time for yourself, and be sure to take your head out of the wifi clouds every now and again.

By burning the candle to thin, all of the hard work you sunk into your blog will go to waste. If your well-written content and good looking pages managed to attract followers from the start, then your goal once you are up and running should be to aim to keep them there.

Good content comes from good inspiration, and unless you relax, and take a breather every once in awhile, you may find yourself uninspired.

 Just Do It

At the end of the day, the only way you will ever learn how to make a living blogging and become the owner of a successful blog is if you start one!

It is time to quit sitting around, staring at the computer screen without taking action. Once you have your website’s game plan all mapped out, you certainly have nothing to lose.

Nowadays, with so many free and easy-to-use tools specially designed to simplify the lives of website owners, there is no excuse to getting started.

Always remember to have fun, play it smart, and by this time next year, you may just find yourself laying on a beach, sipping on an icy beverage, blogging-away.


Well, we made it to the end of this article and I’m hoping you have learned some great strategies on how to make a living blogging. I know it’s going to take some guts, sweat, and tears to get your blog where you wanted to be, but at the end of the day you can be proud of your accomplishment and began to teach others how to make a living blogging as well.

Blogging is an exciting fun journey when you have the right tool and motivation to become successful. Don’t ever let anyone tell you can be unique and live the lifestyle you deserve.

I would love to hear your thoughts about this article. Please leave your comments below.

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