How To Make Money Online As a Teen | 8 Ways To Save Your Own Money

How To Make Money Online As a Teen

How to make money online as a teen has become much easier. In the old day’s teens try to earn money, by taking on babysitting jobs, yard working, and waiting tables.


There are many opportunities that teens can make money online for free. Now that times are changing for most families around the world because of the Covid-19 virus. Teen is now stuck at home, away from friends and families. But there is hope for our teenagers for extinct figure out how to make money in your spare time.

How To Make Money Online As a Teen

In today’s article, you will discover how to make money online as a teen. I share some helpful resources that you will love doing every single day. Plus it will help you save money for college, shopping, or other means.

Here what I can do to help you start making money on your own, Sure you can apply McDonalds, Chick Filet, Burger King, etc. Nothing wrong with getting a job in those places, But maybe you are the type of teen looking for his or her destiny. Most teens today typically have a cell phone, laptop, or tablet. What better way to start making money online doing what you love doing.

The internet is full of opportunities on how to make money as a teen. This new world has money-making opportunities that you can start right from the comfort of your home starting today.

If done right, you can pay your way through college and have enough to enjoy life and do your shopping. Discovering how to make money online is the key to showing your parents you can do this all by yourself. For teens dealing with the busy lifestyle of school, homework, and any other sports activities, working a part-time job can be a little tough to manage.

That’s why its always a breath of fresh air to make money from online jobs, which can give teens more control in their daily activities.

However, most money-making sites require teens to be at least 18 before considering joining their programs. To help you choose the best money making ideas here are some recommended job opportunities to help you get started earning your own money.


Paid Surveys

If you are like many teens probably spent a great deal of time on your smartphones. Chicken out the new Youtube, Tic Tok, Social media, playing games, etc. What if you can get paid for doing that same thing you are already doing every day. 

Checking out a paid survey is one method for learning how to make money online as a teen. If you enjoy answering survey questions, then you will enjoy these types of opportunities. 

Participating in Paid Survey is a way to earn some extra cash on the side. You can begin taking these surveys right over their phone or computer. Most of these surveys will pay you good money in the process. I recommend you visit some of this site below. I’ll give you one secret site right now that you can earn your first $5.00 just for signing up…

 Click Here To Get your first Free $5.00 just for signing up Today. 

How To Make Money Online As a Teen

Another good place to how to make money online as a teen is a site called SwagBucks.

SwagBucks gives you the opportunity to earn gifts cards and money participating in surveys, like shopping, watching videos, etc. The good thing about Swagbucks you can be 13 years old and still signup.

The goal is to earn a point on things you already doing anyway…sounds like a sweet deal right? Once you have points you then can exchange point into gift cards to buy whatever you want.


Sell Your Stuff Online.

One of the easiest ways to discovering how to make money online as a teen is by selling your stuff online. Getting rid of old junk pile up in your closets and basements. This is a fast easy way to generate some fast cash.

Most teens have a lot of cool stuff sitting around in the room that they can start selling online for a profit. It depends on if you’re willing to depart from those items. There are some cool apps you can download on your phone and start selling right away… Just to mention a few…

There are many online sites that you can start connecting with potential customers. One of those ways is owning your own website that you can build an online store that your parent or guardian can manage your accounts such as PayPal for collecting funds. For legal purposes don’t forget to provide your disclose your minor status in the about page of your store.

Learn how to build your own profitable website in 7- Days 

Keep in mind that we may receive commissions when you click our links and make purchases. However, this does not impact our reviews and comparisons. We try our best to keep things fair and balanced, in order to help you make the best choice for you.

Turn Something You Love Into Money

As a teenager Do ever think you’re too young to own your own website. The benefits of how to make money online as a teen is possible with your own blog. So you never to young to start becoming a young entrepreneur.

How To Make Money Online As a Teen

Do you have a passion, a hobby? How about turning it into money online. Creating your own website is my favorite method on how to make money as a teen. Blogging teens are having  fun design a blog, however it can be very time-consuming. Blogging for teenagers is on the rise in today’s word. Teen blogger are sharing their entrepreneur mindset with other on the internet.

If you love writing, painting, selling, designing clothes, building things, sewing, start making money today with your own ideas.

How would you feel if you can start setting aside your own future college funds? Here one of my favorite places to learn how to make money online as a teen. My 1# recommend Beginners Course called Wealthy Affiliate.

Whether you are young or old you can learn how to build an online business from scratch. Wealthy Affiliate teaches you everything about building a business online. However, it’s going to take a little investment to get started with the training. So I recommend getting your parents involved if you are seeking to design your own website.

Join Wealthy Affiliate Today Click Here.

Social Media Cash Machine

As I stated above about selling your stuff online, social media can be a cash machine if you know. Using this is sure to make you money online. How to make money online as a teen is using some of the suggestions below are some of the best places to start selling without any investment.

• Instagram
• Twitter
• Pinterest
If you have a good following on social media, then you can start selling on these sites.

Freelance Writing Jobs

Maybe you a teen that loves writing. There are sites you can join freelance writer. Here is a couple of places that sometimes hire teenagers to write.

The majority of these writing jobs you can make some pretty good money. Just to name off a few of these Freelance jobs listed below.

  • 99Designs
  • Upwork:
  • Freelancer
  • flexJobs
  • Guru
  • Croweded 
  • Behance
  • SimplyHire
  • PeoplePerHour

I suggest you take your time exploring these website. I’m sure you will find some good solution to earn some money online as a teenager.

Make Money Selling Your Talent

Another way to learn how to make money online as a teen is by selling your services. 

One great place to start promoting talent is Fiverr.

What is Fiverr? This site is gear toward people looking for professional, full-time freelancers, but don’t let this scare you there many opportunities for teens to express their talents like writing marketing campaigns, tutoring, and coaching with video gaming. 

These are called gigs and start out at $5 but you have the option to set your own rates.

You can get paid up to 80% of your gig price. Fiverr keep what’s leftover and these include additional fees for withdrawing earning.

This is just the tip of the iceberg to what service you can start selling on Fiverr. Setup your Free Account Today!

Make sure you check with your parents before dealing with the big boys. Read the guidelines as far as selling goes and how you get paid. 

Teach Others What You Know.

If you a teen who likes teaching others. You might be a shock of how many people would pay you for what you know. Maybe you are good at math, writing, computing skills that other teens need help with. Tutoring can be a good way of earning some extra money on the side.

People are always looking for people to teach them about something that they don’t understand. This is a goldmine for a teen to express their skills.

If you have the knowledge of something people would pay for? If you answer Yes, Then you want to know how to can get starting teaching others online. Post your skills on social media sites. Spread the word in the neighborhood of your services. Tell your friends about your offer.

Here are some other site you can explore and teach others

Music To Your Ears 

Do you know you can make money from listening to music? Yes, you can, MusicXRay might be the perfect solution. What teenager doesn’t like listening to music. Now you can be compensated your listing to music for 30 seconds or more. If you enjoyed the song you get paid to listen. Plus you can share the song with friends to show some love for the artist. 


I’m hoping this article has done its job, by providing you some helpful tips on how to make money online as a teen. These resources are just a few mentions here compared to many other ways to make money.

Thanks to the internet world, teenagers can make some pretty good money doing what they are doing every day.

If you want to make extra cash follow the advice provided for you in this article. Be patient and continue to move forward with your dreams and goals. This pandemic doesn’t have to stop you from getting the things you want and have fun during this difficult time. The main purpose of this post was to give you some options

I would love to hear your thought on this article. Please comment below and have any question feel free to contact me.

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12 thoughts on “How To Make Money Online As a Teen | 8 Ways To Save Your Own Money”

  1. There have been a really high rate of teen that are wiling to start earning money these days rather than play video games all day as they always do. My kid for example have been really been on leaning more about freelancing so he can make some really simple cash from helping to write articles and all. I really like the idea and hope to help me go far with it. Cheers

    • Hi Bella so glad you stop bye to share your thoughts on this post. I hope these tips will help your child learn how to earn some cash from home. 

  2. You know as a teen, making money and living off the very best we can get before the Responsibilities and all start kicking in is really good to see here. Thank you so much for sharing all of these here. I would actually lobe to see if I can get started with this and also seek. Other meas to earn a living online. Thanks

    • Thanks sherry for commenting, I feel it good for teenagers to start thinking on the lines of making their own money, I hope some will consider following some of examples in this post. 

  3. You have really great ideas here to help the teens make money online since they might not be able to go out there to those fast-food places to work especially at this time. Well, it is really thoughtful that you can put the teenagers in mind by writing this here. I think creating a blog is a really wonderful tip to give. Nice job.

    • Thanks Payton, I do think it’s important to think about our kid in these times of difficulties. I’m not all the ideas is for every teenager but it a start in keep their mind active and have some fun do little job at home. 

  4. Thank you so much! I still have not been able to find a job for the past month after I got laid off because of COVID-19. I’ve been doing side-jobs for my dad to get paid and they take up most of my day so I’m not able to look for jobs. Instead, I’ve been searching for ways to start my own business, we’re in the 21st century so what better way than online. Businesses are going to be running fully online in the future anyway. I really appreciate this article though, it really gives me hope and gives me a path to go with. One question, do you happen to have any youtube programs that you recommend for someone who’s trying to do stuff on youtube? If you have an article on it, would you mind linking it to me? Thanks!

    • Thanks for sharing your thoughts on the post. I’m glad to help you in anyway to give you some ideas on making money online. Yes you can make money online with Youtube videos. I’m actually writing an article as we speak about on ideas about making money video…I recommend joining   YouTube Partner Program 

      Learn more here https://support.google.com/youtube/answer/72851?hl
      Best wishes

  5. Amazing opportunity! Thank you so much for promoting this site and I would like to inform you that I just joined.
    I trust this site and I can see great potential to earn money online using this system.

    I will also promote this to my friends, relatives and subscribers. Thanks a lot for bringing this opportunity to my circle.

    • Thanks rule, for commenting, there are some good recommendation in the article that can get you started. Many of them I still do myself. Thanks

  6. I suppose I’m not a teenager anymore, but close enough. I only got out of my teen years recently, and I already have enough trouble making money offline, but didn’t think about doing it online.

    I’ve taken a few surveys before, but they don’t really give me much and I don’t qualify for the vast majority of the ones I’ve taken. Might try freelance writing though.

    • Thanks Jaylin for stopping bye, I have four teenagers and love just making a little money for suggestion in the article. Of course they not going to get rich, but it’s enough to keep their mind busy. Freelance writing is a choice if you are good at writing, Thanks


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