How to Monetize Your Blog and Make Money As An Affiliate

How To Monetize Your Blog and Make Money As An Affiliate

How to monetize your blog and make money is one goal that many online bloggers would love to master at some point of starting a website. .

Although you are providing valuable information to your audience. Let’s not forget the sole purpose of you starting your business. Your original goal was to make money from your products feature on your website.

If you are a beginner and don’t have a website yet, I recommend starting with the #1 training course on the internet today. It’s called Wealthy Affiliate.

Assuming you now have your blog all setup now  let’s make some money.

Why Do You Need To Monetize Your Blog?

If you are looking to get started or you already have your blog setup and ready. It doesn’t matter what your goal is at some point you need learn how to monetize your WordPress website in order to make a living with blogging.

In this article, I’m going to be sharing some ideas and strategies on how to monetize your blog and make money. But before we get started I like to explain why do you need to monetize your blog.

Some of the methods in this article will take time so you have to be patient. Making money from blogging a lot of patients.

The Real Truth About Making Money

There are many programs and opportunities out there on the internet that will try to sell your pipe dreams. Don’t fall for those shiny objects that tell you can make $5000 overnight. That’s not going to happen.

If you’re going to be successful truthfully, you need to write valuable content that will increase the amount of traffic coming to your website.

As a beginner the only way to learn how to monetize your blog and make money you need to learn why you need traffic in the first place.

Why You Need Traffic?

If just starting out on the website with your online business, the most important task to achieve is traffic.

  • Traffic is the locomotive that increases your earning.
  • Traffic is the driving force that gets you where you want to be in life.
  • Traffic is your money maker period.

How to monetize your blog and make money

Website traffic determines if your business is going to grow or not it also increases the popularity of your website. If you not attracting visitors to your website, then chances are your website will never found in the search engines.

Every website needs traffic to grow and make money. If you’re not driving traffic your blog will not be successful.  By mastering how to monetize your blog and make money you can start seeing the results from your effort.

 Using Keywords In Your Content

There are tons of ways to monetize your blog to get traffic to your site. One of the ways is optimizing your content with the best keywords for the search engines.

It very possible to monetize your blog with content marketing. Think of your blog as an information tool that will provide your audience with a valuable solution for their problem.

Imagine getting tons of traffic to your website and making sales from those visitors each month. Imagine using target keywords that are related to your audience in your articles linking back to your product or services.

Creating quality content is important to your business and you should always put your visitor first if you’re going to make money on your blog.

Finding The Right Keywords

Finding the right keyword is must that why I’m going to share with the best keyword tool ever for finding keywords.

Finding the right keyword plays a huge part in getting tons of traffic to your site. Keywords are special words people use to search for products or services in search engines like Google.

So, the more traffic the better your site gets ranked in the SERP. So, you need a keyword tool that’s going find the best-related keywords to help monetize your blog. It’s called Jaaxy. 

You can also have your website connected to your social media network with adding plugins so people can share your content on sites like Twitter, Facebook, Google Plus etc.

Let”s Get This Show on The Road

Its a fact the blogging can make you money if you know how to do. In the section, you’re going to get some ways how to monetize your blog and make money.

Google AdSense

If you’re getting a lot of traffic to your blog then you should sign for a Google Adsense account. This is a stepping stone for most beginner bloggers who are looking make some money.

Google Adsense work like this…They will give you a code to place on your website you make money when….

Watch a live Demonstration on how to add Google Adsense Code

How to monetize your blog and make money


Clicks: When people click on your Ads. If your visitor clicks on one of the ads on your site, you’ll earn a percentage of revenue. It’s important to write google content because Google will match ads to your content where you can make more money from the ads placements. It’s also good to keep traffic coming to your website to increase your revenue earning for Google Adsense.

Impressions: Another creative way to earn money from Google Adsense is the amount of impression you receive from page view. So with every 1000 page view on your site, you earn a dollar for that ad placement.

Affiliate products:

As an affiliate, you can use marketing strategies to promote other people stuff. People and vendors will pay your up to 75% commissions in results of a sale. Affiliate marketing is one option to learning how to monetize your blog and make money.

However, there are some tips you need to follow when promoting affiliate products. Focus on products that are a need for your audience. You can find some high demand products to start marketing to your audience.

I recommend that you join some of the affiliate program mentions below..

  • eBay affiliates
  • ClickBank
  • Amazon associate
  • ShareAshare
  • Commission Junction

Check out my 5 handy little tricks for growing your online business

Create Your Own Products.

Hey dude! Yes, you can make money online selling your own products. Maybe you have an (eBook, training course, photographs, or motivation speaker) etc you can sell your services online to make money.

To succeed in this you must establish yourself an authority in your niche. People don’t just buy from someone they are not inspired by.

Bloggers use an eCommerce website to sell their product online. So I have added  some information to great place to build a great looking eCommerce website.  Check out  MyThemeshop.

Selling Ad Space

If you have established a good amount of traffic coming to your blog or website. You can start selling ad space directly to companies looking for blogs to sponsor.

By placing banner ads displaying the cost per month. An example would be $5 (CPM)  If your website is getting 100,000 visitors a month. That’s money in the bank.

Another advantage of selling ad space it allows you to attract tons of traffic from other sources. If that happens, you can increase the cost of ad space on your website that could make you a lot of money.

So, if your website is not getting traffic, then you’re not going to make any money. The real deal on how to monetize your blog and make money is to generate tons of traffic to increase your revenue.

Check out how to let companies know your selling ad space by visiting Buysellads.

Ask For Donation From Your Visitors

If you have a strong community of engaging followers. Ask for donations this method can cover expenses to support your blogging journey,

You can create donation buttons with Paypal offer within minutes. If people are inspired by your work or content they might be willing to donate just to show how they appreciate you.

Get Paid To Write Sponsor Reviews

This is similar to writing reviews on a particular product except vendors pay you to write detailed reviews about existing or new products.

If you already have an established audience on your website. You’ll be surprised to know the potential advertiser might be looking for you.

If you want to make money writing creating content for advertisers I highly recommend checking out PayPerPost 

Host Training / Webinars

Another way to learn how to monetize your blog and make money is by hosting training and webinars on your site. If you have a large email list and Fan-base followers.

This gives you the opportunity to teach people how to grow their businesses. These can be on a subject like marketing, web design, pod-casting, blogging etc.

Check out my training on how to make a living blogging.

How to monetize your blog and make money

In This Training,What You Will Learn?…

  • How To Choose a Niche
  • How To Chose The Right Domain Names
  • How To Create a Logo
  • How To Choose The Right WordPress Theme
  • How To Write Killer Blog Content
  • How To Find Ideas For Your Blog Post


At the heart of your blogging journey, there will be tons of ways to learn how to monetize your blog and make money at the same time.

That desire to grow your business will motivate you even more throughout your journey. You want to discover how to make money from your blog.

As a beginning blogger it hard to make money from blogging. Don’t let that stop you from achieving your goals.

You can make money using your blog to promote product or services.

Two main lessons you should have learned here today. First, you should start generating traffic to your blog. And secondly, you should start monetizing your blog.

Let’s go dude…there is money to be made…..

If you have any question or comments. Please leave them below this article. Love to hear your thought on monetizing your blog.

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