How To Write an Email Message-4 Powerful Steps You Should Be Doing

How To Write an Email Message-4 Powerful Steps

How to write an email message

Email clients and design newsletter professionally may take some time getting good at it, however with the step in this article will put you on the right path. Writing good marketing email that your subscribers are going the love. There is a three step process to learning how to write email professionally.

Building your email list is one thing, learning how to write good marketing email is key. Discover how to increase your opening rate is a whole different task.

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What You Will Learn!

In this training, you will learn three aspects on how to write email professionally ( sending emails that get open by your list, sending emails that get read and get your list to take action.)

Increasing your response to your email marketing is something you should be focusing on every time you send out to your list. Once you learn the three E’s of email marketing, you can then watch your open rate increase and generate you more sales and leads to your business.

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What I’ve through building my email list in my business are these three E’s of email marketing. I have provided me with the understanding of how to get people to open and take action to my offer.

Now I wanted to share this bit of information to help you with email marketing campaign.

So what is the three E’s of email marketing?

Understanding the Three E’s of Email Marketing

Write good marketing email that creates excitement to your list. One thing you must understand about sending out emails to your list is to create excitement. People are getting flooded with other email news in their inbox on a daily basis.

You want to make sure you’re getting them excited about your emails immediately. Think about it for a moment, how many times have you taken a quick scroll through your emails, and start deleting everything because nothing really catches your attention.

Trust me it happens. That excitement needs to stand out the moment your list see your email appear in their inbox, which means your subject line needs to say Hey Look Here!…It needs to attract and entice them to open now. If it doesn’t entice them, they won’t open and read the message you’ve just created just for them, and only end up in the trash folder.

The main key is to create excitement with killer subject headlines that enticing. Studies have shown 33% email recipients open emails successfully based on the subject headlines. In order to write good marketing email you need good subject headlines.

Writing killer subject headline will determine whether your message will get open and read immediately or immediately deleted. Ever wonder what’s a good email open rate Read The Full Report

This why creating powerful subject lines is vital for increasing your open rates. One way for doing that is to discover a subject line strategy.

Here’s my strategy for doing so.

Excite Your Visitors Using The Following….

The second process on how to emailing clients and exciting message.

  1. Create ten top headline – It’s good to start out with ten good subject lines. Choose the one that you feel most enticing. Whenever you create your list, ask a friend or relatives to see which headline drawn the most attention. Get other people’s opinion on social media, like Facebook or your Fan Page. Post your list of subject headline asking which one they like the most.
  2. Spit Testing – Find the winning subject lines by using the spit testing campaigns. Experiment with the phrase and wording of your emails to see which one gets the best reaction from your email subscribers.
  3. Make It Personal with your Headlines – Show some love with your subscribers. People love to feel special at times. Make it personal when sending your message out to your list. Some example I like using in my mailing.
  4. Ask questions– Make it personal by asking questions from your list example I might use, ( Do you like getting up in the early morning hours? These are one question my subscribers could relate too.
  5. How to’– This is one of my favorite email strategies that I use for enticing my subscribers. People want to know how to do something, whether it’s making money online to building houses. By you providing an enticing subject line like How a get any man or women you want in 30 second, How to build a winning blog site overnight, How to become a motivational speaker., How to build 1,000 email subscribers in 3 days. After reading the above subject lines you know what to expect to receive if you open the message.
  6. Scary Subject Lines – From time to time I might run a special offer on my website. Using a scary subject line to entice your subscribers will work. People don’t like to be left out on special offers.

Adding catchy scary phrases such as…

  • Only 50 spots left to get 50% off joining today
  • Free shipping when you order today!
  • Hurry! Only 7 Copies left before all gone.
  • Download Now! Before Google Take it down.

Whenever you create scarcity in your subject lines, make sure it speaks directly to your subscriber. This should entice them to act very quickly or miss the opportunity. There are many other personal strategies you can use to increase your open rates. These are only a few mention in this article.

Using personal subject line will increase the open rate by 37% percent. This first step of the 3 E’s of email marketing is making sure your emails are exciting and enticing.

Educate Your Subscribers

The third process on how to write good marketing email is the most important step of all.

In this step of 3 E’s of email marketing is to educate them about a product or topic. Your goal is to provide them with some solid information about why they need this and how it can help them with the problem.

How do you educate your subscribers? In our previous talk about enticing your list. Now its time to discuss ways to educate them.

In this section, I’m going to share some ideas I use to increase my opening rates with my list. Building a relationship with my list is very important to me. Educating your list on why they sign up to your mailing list. Educate them on product or service you provide or even educate them about the benefits of a business opportunity.

  • Educational Series- Try sending out an educational course to your list. Don’t try to sell to them, but provide something of value like a teaching email series.
  • About Me- When people signup to your mailing list, they might not know exactly what you do.

Emailing clients about me message is a good way to educate your subscriber about your experience and expertise. About me, messages give your list a little bit of information about yourself and business. By sending out an email like this one, your list can know what to expect from you.

Why You Need An Email Marketing System?

Having an email marketing system is very special because it is one of the best ways to teach your subscribers with information that going to help them for a long time.

It’s a great way to turn cold prospects into hot prospects.

There are a number of other ideas for creating good content like:

  • How to’ information
  • Story Email for building trust
  • Survey/Feedback Emails

Once you figure your educational emails on what you going to teach, keep your subscriber’s eyes on your emails.

Whenever emailing clients remember to keep thing short an simple, keep them engaging with questions and also make it personal.

Your email subscribers should walk away knowing that they learned something new about a product or topic.

Edify Your Subscribers

In this section, the main goal is to provide credibility to your readers of a product or service you’re promoting. One way to edify your subscribers is sharing your personal story of what your selling on your website.

Give personal stories on how well the is working and why they need this product in their lives. Edifying your subscribers is getting them to the next step. Getting them to take action on the next page. This is important to your business. This is part of your sales marketing strategy, meaning your goal is to get them to buy. That’s why it’s important to have an eye-popping call to action when emailing clients Something that triggers them to click to the next page.

This is the main reason you started your email list in the first place. This is the reason for creating enticing subject headline titles. This is the reason you wrote that awesome email campaign so that your subscribers can know who and what you do. But if you don’t have a great called to action.

Then you’re missing the whole idea of email marketing. So, how can you get people to take action based on what they are reading? You going to have to sell them the idea.

Call To Action

That’s why your call to action must speak to them loud and clear when emailing clients.

  • Signup for the free course
  • Buy a product
  • Join the webinar training
  • Get 50% off sales
  • Take the short quiz or survey
  • Download the information now
  • Get recipes today!
  • Get started Now!

The examples of the above call action tell them what to do next. Using buzzwords and special phrasing increases your call actions responses using wording such as Start My Free Trial.

Use anchor texting it has proven to be the best practice for increasing clicks up to 121%. Get more information on anchor text

Many people think that placement of your call to action (CTA) on should be limited to one. That where a lot of people make the mistake, If you have a long article don’t be afraid to have multiple calls to action (CTA) button in your article.

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The purpose of using the 3 E’s of email marketing is to ensure you’re getting the responses your messages deserve. This article is designed to help you increase your engagement and conversions.


Now that you know about emailing clients. Together, these powerful tips can help turn your subscribers into hot buyers in the future. Let’s recap what you’ve learned today on how to write good marketing email.

The main goal is creating curiosity and promise to give them something amazing in their life. Then on to the second step is educating your subscribers with your personal experiences with the product or topic.

Then the last step is encouraging your subscribers to take action to the sale page, blog post or some other place that gives them more information about the product or give them the opportunity to buy the product.

This where you create a powerful call to action (CTA) to increase your conversion and make a sale.


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6 thoughts on “How To Write an Email Message-4 Powerful Steps You Should Be Doing”

  1. Awesome! Well I have heard all these tips before I find it hard to actually try to remember to apply them when I’m writing to my email list. The blogging is a really different set of rules. Wow the headline is very similar writing an email to list is of course different than writing something that attracts leads in. Getting into your lead magnet is very important

    • Hey Andrew thanks for commenting yes these are some great tips for getting great responses from your list..I hope you have gather some great info.

  2. Anthony,
    Great article on email marketing three steps process. These are steps that I did not know before. You did an excellent job presenting the steps and why they should be followed.
    My email open rate is not very good but now that you have shown me how it should be done, I know that it will improve.
    Thanks for the very valuable information.
    Do you have a suggestion for tracking software or WP plug-ins? I don’t have much data to tell me how effective is my email campaign.

    • Hey Ed if you use a email provider such as Mailchimp, Aweber, or Getreponse they have a tracking feature available. You can see your result. Thanks again

  3. Hello! It’s my first time visiting your site, but I’ll definitely be back! I love this great breakdown for writing effective marketing emails. I hadn’t heard of the three E’s before but will be sure to keep these in mind as I’m writing future marketing emails. I especially love your tips for “scare tactics” and creating a sense of urgency so they open the email immediately and follow any steps needed to complete the call of action. Thanks for the tips!

    • Hey Jasmine thanks for commenting I’m glad you have receive some great tips for building your business. Please come back and visit.


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