Jaaxy Keyword Research Tool Review- Keyword Tool That Saves You Time

Jaaxy Keyword Research Tool Review

Jaaxy Keyword Research Tool Review

  • Product: Jaaxy
  • Price: Free Starter Trial- $19.00-$49.00
  • Product Type: Keyword Search Tool
  • Owners: Wealthy Affiliate University, Kyle and Carson
  • Rate 10/10

Product Introduction

What is a keyword search tool? Well you will find your answer in this Jaaxy keyword research tool review. You will learn the true facts about Jaaxy that will change your whole outlook on tools needed to help outrank your competitors. Find the best-targeted keyword is an SEO engine for driving tons of traffic to your site. Jaxxy you will ever need to worry about finding the best keywords, niches, domains, and tapping into the under-served market. Jaxxy does it in an is a brilliant quick way.

The beauty of Jaxxy does with on click of a button. Now if you wanted to skip this review and go check out Jaxxy.

Start your 30 Free searches Just  Type your keyword in the search box below!


AFFILIATE DISCLOSER: Do acknowledge that all of the links in this Jaaxy keyword research tool review that is pointing to the Jaaxy website are affiliate links. This means I earn a commission — at no additional cost to you — if (and only if) you decide to purchase after clicking in one of the links.

What You Will Learn Today About Jaaxy

Today you will how this free keyword tool work and how it can help you get more traffic to your site. Also, you can watch a short little tutorial on how to use Jaaxy.  Jaaxy searches for the best keyword phase that gives you much advantage from your competiton.  You learn about the pros and cons of using this tool as well as pricing.

By the time you finish this Jaaxy Keyword Research Tool Review you will be equip take on the internet.

So let’s continue with our Jaaxy keyword research tool review.

jaaxy keyword tool review

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What The Heck is Jaaxy?

Jaaxy is the keyword generating tool used by online marketers or bloggers to find the best keyword in a particular niche. This tool cuts down the countless hours of search for a keyword to instant results. It doesn’t matter if you are a blogger that writing articles or you are an affiliate marketer involved in a particular niche. Jaaxy is the too you should be using to get better results.

Jaaxy collects all the data for Google, Bing, and Yahoo and narrows it down to the best keyword you should use for better ranking. However, I do have to mention that Jaaxy is not a golden ticket to the lifestyles of the rich and famous. It’s a tool that helps become a better online marketer or blogger. It allows you to have fun searching for keywords.

Who is this for?

Jaaxy is designed for online marketers and bloggers who need the best keywords that will drive better traffic to their site and gain better ranking in the search engines. There are different plans available for you to choose to fit your budget. Whether you are a beginner or expert this tool has got your back.

How Much Does Jaaxy Cost?

As I mention earlier Jaaxy has plans available that fits your budget. You can give this tool a try for Free then after your free trial run out, you can choose to upgrade your account with Pro, Enterprise version which gives you more features to outrank your competitors.

jaaxy keyword tool review

Pros & Cons 

Jaaxy has some good benefits and it has some bad features about it as well, Let’s have a look at the pros and cons.


  • Learn is pretty easy to use
  • Fast search results
  • Accurate Search Engin Data
  • Responsive Use, Smartphone, Tablet Desktop
  • Good for finding niche keywords
  • Awesome for finding Longtail keywords
  • Cost fits any budget
  • Reliable Support
  • Training tutorial available for beginners
  • Promote Jaaxy as a affiliate


  • If you are just starting out it can be a little confusing at first sight. That one of the reasons I included a video tutorial to give you an inside look of Jaaxy and how it works. So if you didn’t watch the video I highly recommend that you do so now.
  • Cost may not fit your budget after your free trial is over.
  • Some features you won’t be able to use unless you are an upgraded member of Jaaxy.

Jaaxy Support & Training

Jaaxy has lighting fast support team ready and waiting to help you with any issues concerning billing, technical issues, or any other issues you might have at that time.

As far as the training you can not find this type of training these guys Kale & Carson are giving to its members. If you want to become good at using this tool, keep reading this Jaaxy keyword research tool review and I give you access to the training for FREE. Detail will be at the end of this post. Well Ok Go Ahead Took a Look Below….


jaaxy keyword tool review


Why You Need A  SEO For Better Ranking and Traffic.

It goes far beyond just “regular” keyword research. Not only is it the most efficient tool anywhere in the world at producing “data that matters”, but it will also instantly become an asset to your online business. Finding leads to the revealing of keywords, niches, and domains that are high value, with next to no competition.

Watch this short little tutorial below

8 Benefits of Upgrading To Jaaxy Enterprise And Why It’s The Best

in this Jaaxy Keyword research tool review I have broken down 8 benefits of upgrading your account to Jaaxy Enterprise, These are features that know one ever talks about Jaaxy.  

1. Understanding Exact Keyword Competition 

When you have access to keyword competition you can tell whether or not a keyword will be easy to rank in Google. What if you could uncover competition of 30 keywords INSTANTLY, a task that would take 30 minutes with other tools, in a matter of seconds?

2. How is Your Website is Ranked –

Many people create content on their website and want to know where it is ranked. You can do this manually by clicking through endless pages of search results in Google (if you can spot it), or you can instantly search the first 200 results in Google with our Site Search function that is 10x faster in Jaaxy Enterprise.

Jaaxy is a brilliant tool for SEO marketers and local marketers that are curious as to where their pages are ranked and want that data in the most efficient way possible. Jaaxy Enterprise delivers!

3. Becoming a Successful Domain Buyer 

Domains are like real estate, a good piece of the Internet carries high value and domains appreciate with time. The Instant Domain results within Jaaxy Enterprise are unparalleled in the industry and no other tool or service offers this insight. Instantly find high-value domains, exact match domains, and build up your domain portfolio.

4. Screen & Sort” Your Keyword Results 

Want to customize and tailor your search results as they are coming in? Jaaxy Enterprise allows you to “pre-sort” columns so the results come in sorted for maximal efficiency. No more weeding through keyword results, find what you want, and get the data you need without any additional searches.

Jaaxy is the answer to your problems.This free keyword tool generator will save you hours and hours every month in your keyword research activities. Sort by Competition, Keyword Searches, or the Proprietary filters like QSR and the Keyword Quality Index! using this free keyword tool generator.

5. Finding Data that Matters 

With over 20 years of experience in the keyword and market research realm, the team at Jaaxy has put together a free keyword tool that delivers only the most important data. In fact, with Jaaxy Enterprise you get data Instantly that no other tool can even provide, simply because of the power-packed engine behind Jaaxy.

6. A Mobile Research Solution 

Unlike most of the “downloadable” keyword tools (which by the way don’t capture any useful data), you can access Jaaxy from anywhere in the world that has an Internet connection…and on ANY device. Whether you are using a PC, Mac, Android, or iDevice, Jaaxy works from anywhere.

You can research keywords while you are waiting in line at the grocery store and save your “gems” to personalized keyword lists.

7. Access All Enterprise ONLY Updates Betas –

Jaaxy is constantly evolving and improving the service at Jaaxy and as an Enterprise member, you are going get exclusive access to brand new systems and products that we are going to be releasing exclusively to the Jaaxy Enterprise membership. By being a member you get access to all of these future updates for no extra cost, and we have many planned to be released very shortly!

8. Time = Money in the World of Researches

The more time you spend on research, the less time you have for the actual “creation” of your websites, your campaigns, or business deals…which as we know are the “money-making” components of your business. Having access to Jaaxy Enterprise will reveal the metrics you need to create very successful campaigns and become better online marketers/bloggers.

Who is Jaaxy Enterprise is for:

A single keyword can lead to $1,000’s per year in revenue. A single domain purchase can lead to $1,000’s in revenue. A single search in Jaaxy Enterprise can cut down your research from hours to minutes. 

Your time is worth having Jaaxy and so is having Jaaxy for your business.

What if you could have UNLIMITED access to hot keywords, domains, and the ability to research your site and your competition? You do with Jaaxy Enterprise, it’s a no-brainer.

At this point, you might be wondering about how much this “power user” research system is going to cost you?

Get Exclusive Access for an INSANE PRICE!

In this section of my Jaaxy keyword research tool review Jaaxy are offering an exclusive price of $49 to a select number of people. Thus means you lock in your Jaaxy Enterprise membership for only $49 per month for as long as you want to remain a member.

We will be raising the price after this initial special offer, so act now if you are interested in the pure power of Enterprise.

If you choose to purchase the yearly option, you can get access to Jaaxy Enterprise for a full year at a discounted rate of $499 and save $89 per year over the $49 monthly price! Your savings will go up even more when the monthly price is raised.

For just over $1 per day, you can have access to the world’s most brilliant, powerful, and robust keyword, niche, and website research platform!

This is a fraction of the cost of any other research tool on the market, yet it provides way more value to your business.

Do not overlook the fact that we limit the number of users within the Jaaxy Enterprise membership simply to keep it exclusive. If you are interested, get your hands on Enterprise today as it will change the way you do business for the better!

You owe it to yourself and your business, get your hands on Jaaxy Enterprise. You will be very thankful that you did.

Keyword Competition – Only available with Jaaxy 

Knowing the competition that a keyword has in the search engines is the single most valuable piece of data that you can have. Without knowing how many websites are ranked for a keyword, you are rolling the dice. It’s why keyword tools in the past have never worked for you.

What Can Jaaxy Do: Domain Flipping – Real Case Study Lightning Fast Niche Research Comprehensive Keyword Research Accurate Competition Metrics Using Jaaxy Data to Move Forward Co-founder Kyle Going Bonkers for Jaaxy

How does Jaaxy Come up with our search and Traffic Numbers?

We have done extensive research through comparative data testing and have come up with an algorithm that utilizes data from all Search Engines (not just Google) to reveal search data that is far closer to the “real” numbers.

We don’t care about graphs, we don’t show you fluff, and we don’t let you fool yourself into “over-analyzing” data that is meaningless.

When we add a new feature or a new tool within Jaaxy, the first question we ask is why. We don’t say “it would look cool if there was a graph there”, instead we rephrase this “how will it benefit the user to have a graph there”.  If it is just for show (like most tools out there), then we don’t add it.

There are only a few metrics that are important to an online business and I think that sometimes people are led to believe otherwise. Seriously, what keyword metrics do you care about as an online marketer? Think about it… Traffic. Yes of course. There is one of them.

Competition. Yes, absolutely.

What else?

Those are the main ones. Trends, graphs, website analysis, and any other sort of data is secondary and often confuses the matter.

Because of this, we have invested a lot of time and technical resources creating a sophisticated research system that does a wonderful job of getting at these pieces of data…and doing so in an efficient matter.

Let’s look at the main keyword data points within Jaaxy…

You will notice that I have indicated the main two items within the search.

Why You Should Be Kicking Yourself  Right Now

Monthly Searches: This is traffic, this is the estimated traffic, and if you can get a top 3 search result in the Google rankings, you can acquire a good deal of Monthly Searches that is outlined (up to 60%).  One thing that I want to emphasize is the fact that traffic is not the be all end all…I often times seek out competition metrics before traffic ones.

If you can’t get a good ranking, traffic has absolutely no meaning that is, it is better to have 10 first page rankings under keywords that get 100 searches per day than it is to have 2nd-page rankings under keywords that get 1,000′s of searches per day. People rarely make it to the 2nd page!

Features of Jaaxy 

QSR: This is the competition. Jaaxy has an innate ability to find your exact competition quickly and deliver directly to you within the tool.

Your goal when doing research is to aim for keywords with under 400 QSR, this means less than 400 competing pages in Google. In the above case, the search term “best keyword research tool 2010” is a wonderful keyword because it only has 41 competing pages in Google.

This would be easy to rank a keyword.

KQI: And for those of you that want quick visuals, we have included an extra column called KQI, or Keyword Quality Index.

I love using this as it allows me to quickly scan a list of keywords and visually find the ones that are more likely to be better keywords. KQI is based on traffic volume, competition, and estimated ranking results…thus giving you a powerful and quick way to interpret keyword lists.

Within minutes using these keyword metrics alone, I can put together awesome keyword lists, ones that will get ranked in Google with ease. Traffic and competition…and maybe a little KQI is all I need to efficiently find keywords.

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Why You Should Use Jaaxy

At Jaaxy, our goal is to also give you some insight into what makes your competition tick…by this I mean, what they are doing to acquire rankings.

And what about ideas. We all want MORE keywords and MORE niches right?

I know better than the next person, after a long day of anything, ideas can be hard to come by. That is why we simplified the idea revelation…

I use the brainstorming tab at Jaaxy regularly.

The awesome part is that it allows you to sift through ideas that are already there, all in one place. You don’t have to scour the Internet for niche ideas when you are own dry up…and a day rarely goes by where you don’t find a brand new “golden nugget” idea that you dig down into and reveal a ton of awesome keywords.


OK. that enough talking right? But before I let you go test out Jaaxy. My opinion is that if you are an online marketer or blogger, freelance writer, etc. Without having the right keyword would impossible for people to find your site, article.

Keywords get you noticed and bring tons of traffic to your site. By not getting the best keyword tool available then you are leaving tons of money on the table for your competition. Why keep beating yourself up with countless hours on Google planner, when you can get the results instantly and fast.

Keywords are an important part of your growth, revenue, and traffic. Stop wasting time and energy. Use this keyword tool to start saving time and money.

I use Jaaxy every day in my business and I can’t continue without Jaaxy. I use Jaaxy finding keywords for my blog including this blog post. Jaaxy has helped my site ranking and more.

My final answer is Yes, It’s one of the best tools on the planet.  Well Worth The Money

If you are curently using Jaaxy I love to hear your thought about this tool. Please comment below

jaaxy keyword tool review

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  1. You have a good review on the jaxxy research tool here. I think it is a good product because I have also made use of it a number of times and it works just so perfectly. I really also like it because it helps me know just how to get my website to that top spot on the search engines. This is good and a well detailed review. 

    • Hey Thanks Jay for commenting on this post., Jaaxy has so much benefit to online marketers, I’m glad to see you using this powerful tool. 

  2. Superb information on Jaaxy. This is a tool that I am going to have to use in my affiliate marketing, I have used already, but not in the matter that was shown here. These instructions were much more detailed than the ones I learned, and this will make it easier to operate. A tool I am going to learn and use thoroughly. It can easily complete our business and bring us success.

    • Hi Joss thanks for commenting on the post so glad to things a lot clearer about Jaaxy 

      i hope you great success and Please keep me updated on your success story. 


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