Maxvisits Review | Get More Traffic To Your Website

Maxvisits Review | Get More Traffic To Your Website

In this Maxvisits review, we’re going to learn if it can boost more traffic to your site. We all can pretty much agree that we like to have a lot of traffic coming to our website. Is fast and cheap traffic capable of increase more sales or is it just a waste of money altogether.  If you buy targeted website traffic you want the best for your needs. 

What You will Learn Today

In today’s Maxvisits review, I will go into more details about how to get traffic website  and what can you gain from using this traffic source. You will learn whether to keep your money at bay or give Maxvisits a go around.

My main purpose is to give you the best possible perspective on buying traffic from this company. You work too hard trying to get the best traffic source for your business. In this Maxvisits review will help you make the best decision in your journey. You probably by now have read a lot of Maxvisits reviews, but I wanted to make this one a little more knowledgeable about where you can make the best decision for yourself.

Maxvisits review

What is Maxvisits Anyway?

Maxvisit is a website that provides you with a traffic package that you can order to drive more traffic to your website. Based on their claims they say you will get a high-quality target and a good low price. You have the option to  buy targeted website traffic and decide on how much traffic you want coming to your site.

Maxvisits Traffic Package

When you first visit the site it can be a little bit confusing trying to figure out the buying option. So I want to explain some of the traffic packages you order with Maxvisits.

Website Traffic

This package is about attracting the right visitors to your site. If you have a particular niche that you are involved work within your business. This would be the best traffic source that will fit your needs. Maxvisits has thousands of domains that bring in traffic from all over the world. So any traffic that you order through this package will be redirected to your website depending on your niche.

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Pop-Under Traffic

This package is something like pop-up ads. Your ads will show up in the front of visitors while they are viewing a site. Pop-under traffic basically appears in the background so they won’t annoy the viewer. If you decide to order this traffic package then you know that your ads will show up in the background of sites inside Maxvisits network.

Adult Traffic

If you operate an adult website and you need traffic 18+ older Maxvisits has adult traffic that fit your needs. This traffic package come in full-page pop-under on Maxvisits website network.

Are you learning something from this Maxvisits review? Awesome let’s continue

Mobile Traffic.

In today’s trend mobile is becoming more popular so it’s a choice if you prefer targeting mobile traffic to reach a whole different audience. Maxvisits add Iframe on website domain in their network.

Alexa Booster

Getting your site listed on Alexa ranking site is a really good way to drive more traffic to your site. Maxvisits offer an Alexa booster traffic package that will increase your ranking. This way you receive more organic traffic coming in from search engines.

As you can see in the Maxvisits review there is some traffic package you can try out to drive more traffic to your website. That is it in a nutshell about what you can expect from buying traffic from Maxvisits.

What is the Cost To Order Traffic

In the section of my Maxvisits review, we’re going to talk about the price for getting Depending what type of traffic you are looking to buy, it varies to the amount of traffic you want to be sent to your website.

Maxvisits review

Here are a few examples of Maxvisits traffic package.

10,000 Visits = $11.98 USD
15,000 Visits = $17.98 USD
25,000 Visits = $29.98 USD
50,000 Visits = $59.98 USD
100,000 Visits (5% OFF) = $114.00 USD
200,000 Visits (10% OFF) = $216.00 USD
300,000 Visits (20% OFF) = $306.00 USD
400,000 Visits (25% OFF) = $384.00 USD

As you can see that you get some pretty good discount when you order more traffic. Did you know you can give Maxvisits try for FREE? There are two ways you can get free traffic from Maxvisits.

Here what you need to do to get this free traffic.

1. Write an article about Maxvisits anywhere on your website or blog.

2. If you don’t like to write a blog post, you just mention or include a link back to www.maxvisits.com on your website or blog.

If you did one of the two steps mention above then you are ready to order you free 5000 of USA targeted traffic that will be delivered over the next 30 days. Maxvisits usually process trial orders within 72 hours.


Will Maxvisits Traffic Convert?

Many people will tell you that you get what you pay for when you buy cheap traffic. So with that being said I truly believe it depends on your offer. Yes, this is some cheap traffic, but Maxvisits has been around since 2011.

Besides Maxvists doesn’t make any guarantees that the traffic will convert really well. They do stand by their word that you will get the traffic you order. Can I tell you that Maxvisits traffic will convert for you? No, I would be lying if I tell you something of that nature. But if you have something good to offer people, then why not see if you can make some sales from Max visits.

People are going to have their own opinion about Maxvisits some are good reviews and some are bad ones. If you’re like me I to experience a product myself what didn’t work for other people just might work well for me. Just keep an open mind when buying cheap traffic.

How to Get The Best Results For Your Money?

This section of my Maxvisits review I wanted to talk about how you can get the best results for your bucks. In that case, maybe you have decided to give this a try, here are some few things you need know to make sure you have better success.

1. Choice your targeted traffic wisely

Even though you’re getting massive traffic for such a cheap price. You want to choose the right traffic for your needs. As mention earlier in my Maxvisits review I can’t tell if this traffic source is going you convert. The main goal is the get the best traffic for your bucks.

2. Track your results.

One of the biggest mistake people make when buying traffic like this is not tracking the activities. I highly recommend using ClickMagick. I used this tracking resource daily in my business

Maxvisits review

3. Make Appealing Landing Pages

If you are going to focus on target traffic from Maxvisits you want to make sure that you make where ever you sending traffic to looks appealing. One way to do that is to create an awesome looking landing page so that your audience will stay and want to check out your offer. Landing pages are a wonderful tool to use to get better results and increase more conversions.

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4. Buy Small Test Traffic First

Don’t go crazy buying 200,000 traffic visitors all at once. I recommend to start out buying small traffic first. The is to test the waters out first to see what kind of results you get from the traffic. That way you feel like you are not risking your money buy larger traffic. Buying small helps you figure whether Maxvisits traffic is going to work for you or not.

Does Buying Cheap Traffic Hurt My Search Engines Ranking?

There are some potential dangers when buying cheap traffic simply because if your site suddenly receives a ton of traffic but the visitor is leaving very quickly this can cause your bounce rate to increase thus causing search engines algorithm to look closely at the activity on your site.

High bounce rates can potentially hurt your ranking very quickly. Other dangers of buying cheap traffic are not knowing if the traffic is bots or humans. Also not know where the targeted traffic is coming from on your site. That why it’s important to start out small first.

Maxvisits offer Alexa traffic that will help you boost your organic traffic. That seems a like fishy to me, I don’t want to get my website to be penalized by Google for trying to cheat their algorithm. So if you are willing to take that risks it totally up to you.

As you can see from reading this MAxvisits review there are some risk factors for buying cheap traffic that can hurt your ranking. Overall maybe you have a different strategy planned that the risk might be lower but at least you know in details from this Maxvisits review.

My Final Thought About Maxvisits

Whether you decided to buy traffic from Maxvisits or not it’s a lot to think about when buying cheap traffic like this one. Although this is a great start for anyone on a budget and trying to get a little action on their website.

Personally, I like receiving real organic traffic and creating quality content that my visitors will enjoy. If you want to learn how I get organic traffic to my website, I recommend joining Wealthy Affiliate. This one of the most powerful online training course for seasonal and beginner bloggers.

Don’t get me wrong by not buying cheap traffic. This might be a very good opportunity for you to learn what works and what doesn’t work. I learn from my own experience with different products, services that way I can be as honest as I can be to my readers about a particular product such as Maxvisits.

If you are going to give Maxvisits a try then make sure you start with the small test run first go around.

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I’m hoping you have walked away from this Maxvisits review and Maybe you’ve had some present or past experience using Maxvisits yourself. I would love to about them in the comment section below.

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10 thoughts on “Maxvisits Review | Get More Traffic To Your Website”

  1. I was not aware that there was such a thing as Maxvisits until I read your post. I appreciate the honesty with which you presented it. I am a little unsure as to whether I should try it or not. Do you think the free version would be of any real benefit?
    Any way I decide I am thankful for your insights into the process. I may try to search for similar applications to compare to Maxvisits.
    I hope to hear from you. Thank you.

    • Hey Thomas thank for commenting, You can also write a article about Maxvisits tand you can receive 5000 of free traffic to whatever you program you submit to Maxvisits.

  2. Hi Anthony,
    I like the content you have on your page. It is very informative about buying cheap traffic for you site. I didn’t even know you could buy traffic for your site, that is good to know, But I have a question, do you know any other site where you can buy quality traffic? Even if it cost a more.


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