Questions About Websites-20 Answered FAQ For Beginner Bloggers

Questions About Websites – Answered Beginners FAQ

Questions about websites

Few months after starting up my site, I had a lot of questions running through my mind at the time. Starting a new website is exciting and rewarding but from time to time you’ll seek out the answer to those questions. In today’s article, we discuss some of the topmost frequently asked questions about blogging. 

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Most of you are already operating and owning your own business online. For beginners, there are some frequently asked questions about blogging.

questions about websites

It’s harder to become successful if you don’t know how to do things right when entering the online ring. It’s hard for us online bloggers to gain success if we can’t get a straight answer from anyone. Despite the fact, our colleague’s lips are closed about answering some of the frequently asked questions about blogging. So I’m happy to answer some of those Frequently asked questions about blogging 

What You Will Learn Today 

I recently put together a list of frequently asked questions about blogging. My goal to ease the frustration when we can’t get a straight answer for other online bloggers. I’m known in some communities like Quora is an online community where a lot of people ask questions about online marketing, blogging, etc. So I spend a great deal of time answering questions for members there in the community. 

1.What Is Your Website Brand -Frequently asked questions about blogging 

My brand affilatemarketingwithablog.com. Every day I work hard to make my site a resource for beginners bloggers like yourself looking for tools and ideas for starting an online business. Affiliate marketing with a blog concise of marketing tips, email marketing strategies, online training courses, etc.

Building Affiliate marketing with a blog my ultimate goal is to pass along valuable information and my experiences to all beginner bloggers. I love helping others with my resources and available training who are looking for ways to become a successful blogger. 

I hope you pay close attention to these frequently asked questions about blogging. They will help you in your journey. 

2.What Do You Want Your Readers To Know About Your Blog

I always stay focused on thinking positively and solving my reader’s problems concerning their business ventures. Many of those problems I incorporate into a topic for my blog post. Probably one of the reasons I wrote this article on frequently asked questions about blogging.

Life and obstacles try to block us from reaching where we want to be in life. One of my favorite quotes “We become what we think about” if you think about what you want to become then it can happen in your life. Even when we run into problems.

I want my readers to know if you think about starting an online business or building a profitable website or blog. It relies on how you are going to become and your willingness to do whatever it takes to achieve it. 

3.How Long Does It Take To Start Making Money?

This one of the most frequently asked questions about blogging that most beginners want to know. How long does it take to start making money?

I’ll try to be as honest as possible, It depends on your blog and the product you are promoting. It also depends on how often you post new content on your blog.

Driving traffic to your website is important to your business. If you focus more on organic traffic you can start earning money very quickly. It takes about six months to start seeing some revenue from your website. But to reap the bigger reward, it can take over a year to start bringing home those big checks.

To be honest, it can take longer than a year. You have to stay focused and have the determination to keep going even when you don’t see any money. Most successful bloggers will tell you that it took them years to start making big profits from their website. Consistency is the key.

It took me about 6 months to a year before I made my first $100 from one of my blog posts that I included Amazon products. It was that day I knew it is possible to make money from blogging. I started writing other product reviews and I made a few dollars. 

It was until I stumbled across this free training course for beginners that showed me how to start making some cash flow with the affiliate marketing site. After two years of learning how to build my online blog the right way, I started to see my first $1,000 commission checks. then other little $200 commission made from blog posts. My blog started increasing in revenue each month.

So I’m a firm believer in being consistent in your blog venture. 

4. How To Get Started in Blogging / Best Advice For Beginners?

 If you want to make money from your blog, then I recommend thinking on the line of product reviews. Product reviews are a great way to make money online, simply because people are always looking for reviews of the product they are interested in purchasing.

Think about whenever you are going to buy something online what is the first thing you look at before you make that decision to buy. Reviews right? you want to see what other people are saying about that particular product. 

Writing product reviews solves people’s problems, you are providing the answer they are looking for by reading your blog post. Every time you write a blog post it should benefit your readers. If they receive valuable information most likely they will be willing to purchase the product through your affiliate links based on your review. That is my best advice. 

5.What Is The Best WordPress Plugins For a Blog

Whenever starting a blog there are some plugins you have to install in WordPress blog. Some plugin installs to ensure that your blog runs, and create a user-friendly experience for your visitors. One the other hand some plugins help your blog get better ranking in search engines like Google. Here are the lists of those plugins below.  

  • Yoast SEO
  • UpdraftPlus
  • Revive Old Post
  • WP Rocket
  • Elementor
  • WP Form

Remember these are some of the basic plugins you might want to install first, there will be others later on as you continue to build your blog. 

6.How do I Get More Traffic To My Blog? Frequently Asked Questions About Blogging 

If you want more traffic to your blog, then it’s going to take some effort and investment to get it. Most people don’t like spending money on traffic, they rather get for Free.

Using Free traffic is much harder than you think. It takes a lot of time to get half the amount of traffic than if you use Paid Traffic.  The benefits of using Paid traffic is that you are in control of your targeted audience. Free traffic you get what you pay for.

Although Free Traffic can get you traffic. Let’s not forget the main reason you’re starting your business in the first place. You want to generate some income to take the place of your regular job. If you want to get more traffic then you’re gonna have to invest in yourself. People are not going to flock your website, you have to get your name out there and start promoting yourself. Start going to places where your audience hangs out, Facebook, Forums, Other blog niches.

Although Paid or Free traffic might bring in the numbers, the goal is converting them into buyers. One of my favorite place to buy tons of traffic that converts into buyers quickly is called Udimi

I recommend visiting this traffic resource for getting targeted traffic to your offer.

7. Do I Need to Build An Email List To Make Money? 

This is one of the most frequently asked questions about blogging. Everyone has heard this phrase at some point in starting your business online. “The Money Is In The List”. How do you build an email list when you don’t have any training on how to create one.

Be smart when it comes to building your email list. Stay away from promoting products that ask for money. Offer some for free to gain the trust of your audience. I’ve seen many blogs that ask for money upfront instead of offering something free.  Your goal is to build your email list first, gain the trust of your readers. Then at some point concentrate on presenting your products or services to them.

Be mindful when someone does take action make sure they end up on your email list. All it takes to build your email list is having one of them buy something, the subscriber for something free. Sign up for your Free Email Account with one of the top providers listed below.

Click Here To Start Your Free GetResponse Account 

Click Here To Start Your Free Aweber Account

I wouldn’t recommend promoting products without capturing your reader’s name or email address. Don’t let people leave your website without subscribing to your list. Offer them something they can’t refuse. Building an email list takes a lot of time, I’m sure every blogger would love to build a list fast. Many of us would like a big list with 2000- 3000 of loyal subscribers. This is why it’s important. Everything related to your blog is about collecting names and email addresses.

My honest opinion, if you have done nothing else for 6 months, but focus on building your email list. Then I would say you have succeeded. Yes, you need to start working on your email list for the next 6 months. It will pay off in the end. 

8.Why My Marketing Strategy Never Works? Frequently Asked Questions About Blogging 

How many times have you tried online marketing, but it never works as well as it did for other people? How time has someone offered you the best online marketing strategy, but it didn’t work?

When was the last time you bought several books and a guild about how to build your business, why didn’t it work for you? This is very frustrating if you don’t know where you’re going, how do you expect to get there. Most of those books and guilds have some great strategies, but it didn’t work, because whoever told you about the product has left something out. They haven’t told you the hold story.

In most cases, for you to get the real story you are going to pay a healthy price for them to disclose the real methods. Online marketing never works, because of poor information. It’s important to understand why it happens and why it works. I wanted to be honest as possible, by providing you with real answers to your question. I recommend studying everything about online marketing.

Learn what you can, to pave your own success story. The goal of online marketing is to get target traffic that works. Online marketing will never work if you don’t gather the resources and information that you can use over and over again. 

One of the biggest challenges for your online business is getting your visitors to trust you. If your readers don’t trust you then it’s impossible to make any sales. People need to know that you are legit and real. 

Become successful while other people have failed. Build your business, by learning what works and what doesn’t work. Don’t rely on what other people tell you. It’s your determination and money that’s going to make the difference.

9. How Do I Encourage My Team? 

This one the most frequently asked question about blogging. It’s a good feeling when you are getting referrals added to your downline. So Keeping them motivated is another problem.

One of the hardest things to do is getting your team to action with building your team. Most people join the program out of curiosity, every once in a while you have some people on your team that are motivated and have the desire to become successful. 

 Affiliate marketers and network marketers are the ones who will have to work very hard getting people on their team to move forward and stay encouraged. 

So how do you encourage your team to stay active? I can’t say it’s your fault, but you should consider what you are doing to motivate your downline when it comes to building your team. If you were to look at some of those successful training courses, and program such as 

ClickFunnels. They are successful because of duplication. Now take at your program asked yourself do you have duplication? Does your team see the same vision as you do? 

What is it? are they lacking knowledge on how to promote the program? Do they need more training? As a leader in the business, it’s important to the guild and stays in touch with your referrals. Send them motivation guilds and video training on how to promote their business.

Keep encouraging them to stay focused on their dreams. Send the updates and success stories that keep them encouraged and want to promote something. One of the new methods for keeping in touch with your team is creating podcasting shows. 

10. Can I Make Money Without a Product?-Frequently Asked Questions About Blogging 

To make money online you need a product first right, yeah that’s true, but it doesn’t have to be yours. Anyone can make money without having a product sell. 

One of the methods is affiliate marketing. Millions of dollars made online by marketers using someone else’s products. For starters, most people sign up with Amazon. As an affiliate associate member, you can start selling products. Here is a list of some of the top affiliate networks to start joining.

  • Amazon Associates 
  • CJ Commission Junction
  • ShareASale
  • eBay Partners
  • ClickBank.

I recommended having a website to house your product information. This better your chances of getting accepted with some of the Affiliate networks mentioned above. If you are going to make money selling other people’s products then you need a website. Having a website makes it much easier to sell products to your audience. People need to know that you are legit and not just trying to scam them. 

You write product reviews to help your readers make a better decision on whether to buy or not. If you are just getting started with affiliate marketing and want to learn how to build a profitable online business from scratch.

I recommend check my#1 place for building and creating your website. Plus you receive step-by-step training that will walk you through how to set up your blog from start to finish. 

Click Here to my #1 recommended Mindblowing Free Training Course 

11. How Long Does It Take Be Successful with Blogging 

To be honest, No one can answer that, I can only give you the tools and strategies to teach you. Success depends on your efforts because I don’t know how often you work on your business.

In most cases, it depends on what products or services that you are promoting. Also, it depends on your motivation and determination to make things change in your life. I can only give you some tips and recommendations that are going to help you. It’s up to you to work these methods through your efforts to make it happen.

How long does it take to become successful at blogging? The question of how determined are you? 

12. How Can I Know When Something Is a Scam?

If something sounds too good to be true, then I wouldn’t trust it. Oftentimes you can tell if something is a scam by looking at the headlines. Watch out for those catchy headlines that tell you can make money overnight. Most of these types of offers have no attention to showing you how to become successful or make money online.

Their main goal is to get you to make a buy for the product only for their gain. 

 Click here If you think you are being scammed 

Sometimes it is best to trust your instinct about an opportunity 

13. How Do I Come Up With Content To Write About?

This is a very challenging thing to do when you first start as a blogger. Writing a blog post is important to your business. You need content to build your blog reputation. You need content to attract new customers and visitors to your website. In most cases, new beginners had a hard time coming up with new ideas to write about. They find themselves staring at a blank piece of paper.

Creating and publishing a new blog post is your main task when you are starting a new blog. How to come up with content to write about is thinking about your audience’s needs. What problems are they having? What issues are they struggling with?

Pay attention to what they are talking about on social media sites. Facebook groups, News-feed, etc.

Here are my favorite ways to come up with content to write about.

  • Social Media,
  • Read A lot of books
  • Pay attention to post getting share the most
  • Forums
  • Asked Questions
  • Think about what your audience needs and start writing.

14. How Do I Choose The Right Domain Name?

When starting an online business, choosing the right name is vital to your business. The best way to choose the right domain names is to pick a name that is shorter.

Why? Because it’s easier to remember by your audience. Don’t choose domain names that are confusing to people. One of my favorite ways of choosing the best domain name is by using a keyword search tool. I recommend using the Jaaxy Free Keyword Generator

I have included a product review and video training on how to use Jaaxy to find a domain name. Check out the training below 

How to Find 3 Niche in 3 Minutes Using a Jaaxy Keyword Research Tool.

15.What Is The Cost For Maintaining A Website?

Investment is a big issue for people who are getting started with blogging. It depends on your budget, whether you can maintain your website.

Having a website will take an investment, it’s like driving your car it takes money to keep it running well. 

Most people don’t like to invest in their future. For you to become successful you have to invest in your business. I’ve put together some costs for maintaining your website listed below.

  • Buying Domain Names: $10-$13/year
  • Hosting Provider: Start as little a $3.95 up the $5.00/month
  • Website Designers: $1000-$3000
  • Marketing your website: $500-$1000/month
  • Technical Support: $50-$100 an hour.

As you can see there is a lot of investment to keep your website maintained and updated. What if I told you I have a solution for you if your budget is tight would you be willing to take action today.

What if I told you that you can cut your maintenance cost and only pay $49.00 a month. That’s it! sounds exciting does it! I highly recommend joining Wealthy Affiliate. Check out my review on why you should get started today.. Read My Honest Wealthy Affiliate Review.

16. Why Comments Are Important On My Blog?

Whenever a blogger creates a new blog post getting comments is important. Why are comments important? Because it builds engagement and increases your ranking in search engines. When you are getting a lot of comments on your post. This sends a signal to Google that you have something of value in your post. Comments are a good way to build a conversation with your readers.

It’s a good way to have Google measure the activity on your website. When search engines notice the engagement they are more likely to rank your website higher in the search engines.

The more comments you have on your post will lead to more traffic and gain the attention of more readers. 

This is one reason you should always provide your audience with valuable information on your blog. People like sharing a good article on social media sites. This will also attract more readers to your website.

17. How Do I Increase My Blog Traffic?

Getting more traffic is one of the most frequently asked questions among bloggers. If you have a goal to make money online, sell a product or service, then you need traffic coming to your website.

See how I’m generating tons of traffic to my blog

Often getting the right traffic is vital to your business. One way to increase your blog traffic is by writing and publishing good relevant content that relates to your audience. The solution to making money online, you need to be a problem solver.

Write an article that fixes a problem for the readers. Here an example: How to get rid of acne, How to fix your credit, etc. All these topics are about fixing the problem of your audience’s everyday lives. There are other ways to increase your blog traffic by using paid or free advertisements. This depends on your budget. Start sharing your blog post on social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.

This will increase more traffic and more engagements when you start connecting with other bloggers in your niche.

18. How Long Should My Blog Post Be?

In the blogging world, people have a different opinion about how long you should write a blog. Meaning whether your article should contain 1000 words or 2000 words sometimes even 4000 words.  Which one is better? This is why this topic on my most frequently asked question among bloggers. In the blogging community, many people will say 500 words work great. This is true if you are more focusing on email newsletter and email marketing. 

This is also good if you want to get the point of something in your blog post. Writing a shorter blog post allows you to keep it short and sweet to your readers.  On the other hand of writing a shorter blog post. Writing a long article with 1500-2000 words is the best way. This helps boost your SEO ranking in search engines. One of the reasons why is that your blog post will be ranking for many different keywords instead of just one.  

How to write a good product review that your audience loves 

What happens is Google Bots will scan your entire article looking for specific keywords. that people are searching for on the web. If your article has related keywords Google will send more traffic to your website. Another reason why longer blog posts work well is that it gains more attention to your readers. When that happens, people are most likely to share your article on social media. This will drive more traffic to your website when they like what they read on your website.

So, how long should your blog post be? It depends on whether you’re looking to increase your engagements with the readers. If you want to increase your ranking in the search engines. Then I would recommend writing a longer blog post.

If you’re looking to get right to the point of something, then write a short blog post. Both methods seem to work, it depends on what you want to do with your blog. Whether you feel comfortable writing a 500-word article or 2000 word article. Remember there is no right or wrong way to decide how long your article should be. The goal is to be consistent in providing your audience what they need.

19. What is the Best Way to Promote My Blog On Social Media 

One of the common practices is sharing other blogger’s posts. Showing some love by sharing some of your favorite bloggers in return they share your post on social sites. 

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Instagram
  • Pinterest, 
  • LinkedIn

Promoting on the social sites above will increase your traffic and your favorite blogger will appreciate you in return. Another way to promote your blog is by using #hashtags to reach a much broader audience. 

I put together a list of things you can do to promote your blog on social media. 

  • Asked People To Share Your Post: Nothing wrong with asking people for a favor. Sometimes you have to push people to do something you want. 
  • Follow Top Social Media Influencers: You will be surprised has influencers can increase your followers and traffic on your site 
  • Tailwind is one of my favorites for getting the best results for traffic and social sharing. This allows you to schedule your post on social media sites, Pinterest, Instagram 
  • Buffer is a social sharing tool you can use to share your content across some social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. Reminder there is a free version that allows you to share on some but not all the sites. 
  • Divr.it is another tool that allows you to share new posts on your social profiles. This is usually set up by WordPress RSS feed from your blog post. 

20. What Is The Best Blogging Platform?

When starting a website many newcomers want to know what’s the best blogging platform. There are many blogging platforms that you can start building your website.  Some of them you can create for free and some you have to pay for. If you want my honest opinion about what is the best blogging platform. Continue reading.

If you want to learn how to build a successful online business. then I recommend joining one of the most awesome blogging platforms on the web today. There is no other blogging platform like a wealthy affiliate. It has over 800,000 + active members today that are building their dreams. Read my honest review on why you should join today.

Frequently asked questions about blogging 


This concludes frequently asked questions about blogging. I am so glad you are working towards building your dreams. Whether you are a beginner or expert in the blogging world I’m hoping this article has helped you get answers to your question.  There are some great benefits of starting a blog, plus there will be some more questions you will have along the way with blogging. 

If you need help with something or have questions please contact me, and I’ll be more than happy to help you.

Please leave any comment you like to add below this article. I love to hear your thoughts about this post.


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