Udimi Review | How To Get More Leads

Udimi Review – How To Get More Leads

In today’s udimi review I”m going be sharing some information on how to use this for your business. Hopefully, by the time you finished reading this udimi review, you will have walked away with some great value in joining udimi. Lets get started .

Disclaimer: this post contains affiliate links. This means I may earn a commission
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okay – I love all of these companies anyways, and you will too!

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What is Udimi?

Is a platform marketplace that brings seller and buyers together in driving more traffic to websites, landing pages, etc. Udimi is free and you can start using this marketplace on the spot. Upon joining udimi you can start browsing around to and start looking for good solo ads sellers. Let continue this Udimi Review.

What is Udimi Solo Ads

Udimi solo ads are the best way to generate targeted traffic to my business. Udimi solo ads is a tool that will grow your business online as we as your email list. Udimi is a great way to build a relationship with solo ad sellers.

Once you find that partnership with them that way you can continue to build your email list and make more sales. Check out the Udimi review video by Josh Rhode

If you are just starting out searching google for the best solo ads can be very frustrating when you don’t if the seller is legit or a scam.

So I’m here to explain what Udimi solo ads are and how you can benefit from solo ads. The first step is to teach in this Udimi review is explaining what is a solo ad.

Udimi solo ads

What are Solo Ads:

A solo ad is an email marketing that you can purchase from a seller email list.

The seller has a large list of a particular niche, such as “making money, home business, home business opportunity and what the seller does is sending your advertisement offer to his list for conversion or opt into your campaign.

The seller charges a fee for sending your offer to their email list. In some cases, the seller will offer to write your email campaign or even offer to create a capture page for your offer.

Now that you know what solo ads are” let’s get down to business.

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What Makes Udimi Different From The Rest?

If you can trust why I’m providing you in this Udimi review then you can trust Udimi to deliver good solo ads and if not, you can dispute with the seller about your purchases. Udimi is about building a trustworthy relationship with the seller

So that requires a lot of testing to find the best seller with the best results.

Udimi has policies that protect us from fraudulent sellers, It protects us from those ridiculous BOT clicks so we don’t have to pay a single penny. If a seller fails to provide legitimate traffic, then you will be refunded the amount paid back into your account. Click Here Start a Free Account

You can search google for solo ads provider ” But don’t believe everything you read online caution there are scammers out there on the web?

Solo ads are a fantastic way of building your business, this method alone can be up and down, but if you find the right quality solo ads you can absolutely KILL IT!

Udimi can help you achieve it great results. Let continue this Udimi review.

 Udimi Solo Ads Price

There are tons of cheap ways to do this but the most consistent and proven solo ads are between $30-$65 depending on the amount of clicks you want to receive to you offer.

In this section of this Udimi review, we will be explaining the cost of using this marketplace to buy solo ads

When you add money to your account to buy solo with Udimi you only get charged for a minimum fee of $3 each time you place an order for ads.

Based on your purchase sellers have the freedom to price whatever they like so the pricing can vary in some cases

But typically price range on Udimi starts between $.40-$.85 per click. The seller gives you the option to choose the amount of click you want which
ranges from 50 clicks up to 1000 clicks or even more.

Upon placing your order you have the option to choose the desired traffic you want the seller to deliver.

Upgrade Option Buyers Have With Udimi 

Whether its only T1 countries, Proxy, No Mobile or email solo ads this is one of the most popular where the seller sends out an email blast to his or her list of subscribers with your link included in the message. There are some great upgrade benefits that can help you get the best results for your money.

In this Udimi review, let’s talk about those options

Prime Filter: This means that each click will go through a security filter that is for upgraded members of Udimi. This help give you
good quality click and better conversions.

Only Top Tier 1 Country: This means the seller only charge for clicks from countries like
Canada, United States, Australia, UK. This option gets you better leads and more sales.

Only Mobile: This means seller offer click from mobile devices like smartphones and tablets.

Only Desktop: This means you will be only charged for clicks coming from a desktop.

Now that you have a clear understanding of the upgrade level to choose from. I hope this Udimi review has helped you learn those factors.

In this section of my Udimi Review, I like to talk about some of the Pros and Cons of this marketplace.


One of the advantages of using this marketplace that it bring buyer and sellers in a close relationship for selecting the good solo list. As I mention earlier udimi protects buyers from fraudulent clicks and sellers has to go through a test to prove they are legit.

Udimi has the protection when buyers purchase click with Paypal it also ensures buyers will receive legitimate clicks that go through security filter to prevent bogus clicks for BOT.

Udimi marketplace has a proven track record to prove they are the best in the business for buying solo ads.

One good thing about this marketplace is the Udimi affiliate program. If you like this platform you can also earn commission by referring other people to this marketplace.


If you’re going to get to the best results that money can buy. The only bad thing is that you’re going to have to pay an extra fee for the upgrade option.

In other cases, some of the seller fees per click can be a little expensive but that only depends on the amount of traffic you need. But for starter, you can start small with ordering 50 clicks to test your campaign. That way you only pay about $45-$50.

Another problem with this marketplace is it can be confusing to someone just joining, but watch the video tutorial I have included in this article. It can help you learn a lot more about how to use Udimi.

 My True Conclusion About This Udimi Review 

To be honest this is FAST traffic and can really generate more prospects to your business very fast! It feels good to get an email mail of someone just opt-in to your lead page. The more leads generate more revenue to your business.

One of my favorite and best places “I like to buy solo ads  from Udimi solo ads the results have been absolutely great.

Udimi solo ads network just make life so easy by allowing you to seek out best solo ads providers, in a particular niche. You can track the seller results, and track the conversion rates of the sellers list before placing your order.

Udimi solo ads network allows you to browse other solo ad provider to see who has the best list in the top 5 position. This is a huge asset when you are searching to see who has the best solo ad rating.

Udimi solo ads

Payment are made by PayPal and the seller has a certain amount of hours to deliver click to you. if the seller failed to deliver, you can get your funds back into your udimi account.

Are solo ads worth trying, of course, if you want to build and grow your business it is the fastest effective way it’s worth checking it out.

I have included a  YouTube Udimi training tutorial below to help you get a better understanding of how Udimi Network works.

Click Here: To Get Started with Udimi

Have You Ever Purchase Lead From Udimi? What Do You Think about Udimi? Please Post Your Comments Below.

Udimi solo ads

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8 thoughts on “Udimi Review | How To Get More Leads”

  1. This is great! Udimi is a great place to buy and sell advertising. Most sellers got good ratings that they were able to provide good opt ins and leads to buyers.

  2. Hi, this is a good review for someone like me that is starting an online business and trying to generate traffic. I don’t know much about ppc, but would you say this is a better solution than something like Facebook ads or promo?

    • I’ve try Facebook ads in the past” It was just to expensive to me’ I like solo ads I just get better result, but you just have to trust the seller to deliver” I like Udimi because you can see the rating of the seller before you purchase from their list.

  3. Hi, Thanks for sharing this information with us. I really like the idea of buying solo ads, but I think they are quite expensive for the amount of clicks that you get.

    What is the average cost per click? And could you tell me, why is this better than paying for search engine traffic?


    • If you were to purchase 50 leads the average CPC would be about$0.44 per your cost would be about $25,00 if you buy 100 leads at $0,44 per click you cost would be about $47,00 It just depend on the amount of leads you purchase.Now search engine are good too, Just my opinion, I just think solo ads are a good start for getting leads. Thank for your comment.


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